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Andres Perez Simon
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Transverse, the graduate literary journal of the Centre for Comparative
Literature at the University of Toronto, invites submissions of essays
and literary reviews for the next issue, to be published in Spring 2008.
The monographic topic will be “Aesthetic Tensions in Experimental Drama.”
Transverse is a paper-based journal with a pdf version available on-line
at www.chass.utoronto.ca/complit/journal.htm

1. Critical writings: Suggested topics:
- Reception of vanguardist movements in other countries: Expressionism
outside Germany, Surrealism outside France…
- Comparison between two national versions of the same movement, such as
Russian vs. Italian Futurist theatre.
- Puppetry in the transition from symbolist to avant-garde theatre:
Gordon Craig’s uber-marionette, Maeterlinck, García Lorca…
- Reification of the actor in modernist/postmodern theatre: Samuel
Beckett, Robert Lepage, Heiner Muller…
- Acting techniques in non-ilussionist theatre: Luigi Pirandello,
Berthold Brecht…
- “Performative turn” in theatre after the 1960s: Peter Brook, Jerzy
Grotowski, Robert Wilson…

Essays should be 3,000 to 4,000 words, Microsoft Word format. Please keep
endnotes to a minimun, using [1], [2] and so on, instead of the automatic
endnote function. MLA Style.

2. Literary reviews: we are accepting reviews on recent books (2006,
2007). Since this section complements the previous one, we ask for titles
that are relevant to the topic of experimental drama, ranging from
theoretical studies to new translations or revised editions of dramatic
works. Please first send the title of the book to be reviewed and a very
short justification for the proposal. If accepted, the final review would
be 500-700 words.

Contributors are required to be graduate students by the time of the
submission. Deadline: January 10, 2008. Please send proposals, including
academic affiliation, to transversejournal_at_gmail.com

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