CFP: [Theatre] Engaging the (Theatre) Canon, NYC 3/4/2008

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Lindsay Adamson Livingston

Engaging the (Theatre) Canon: graduate student conference sponsored by the
Doctoral Theatre Students Association of the City University of New York
Graduate Center.

Friday, April 4, 2008

365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY


Registration 8:30am-9:15am, Room 3111


Keynote Address by Professor Richard Schechner, New York University




Once More With Feeling: The Production of Affect

“Affecting the Canon: Teaching Documentary Theatre Through Affect”

Lindsay Cummings, Cornell University

“Troubling the Natural: Environmental Change in Ibsen and Ukrainka”

Hillary Miller, CUNY Graduate Center

“Violated Altars: The Sacred and Profane in the Drama of Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam”

Dan Venning, CUNY Graduate Center


Revising Through Technique, Technology, and Tools

“Adaptations of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury as a Study in
Effective Adaptation Techniques”

Rachel Linn, Ohio University

“Emerging Performance Canons: Rifftrax as Parody”

Lisa Reinke, CUNY Graduate Center

“Small Packages and the question of good things; or, how 1970s technology
may or may not have affected the English Drama Canon”

Kate Wilson, CUNY Graduate Center


Identity Construction and Canon Formation

“Fodder: Mass-Produced Entertainments and the Canonized in US Theatre

Kevin Byrne, CUNY Graduate Center

“The Love of ‘Art’: Taste, the Canon, and Yasmina Reza’s Play”

Gad Guterman, CUNY Graduate Center

“Queering the Documentary Melodrama: Transvestism and Doug Wright’s I Am My
Own Wife”

Julie Burrell, University of Massachusetts-Amherst\


Who’s Welcome: The Borders of the Canon

“Dramatic Canon-Formation in Post-Apartheid South Africa”

Daniel Larlham, Yale University

“Defending the Nation: the political use of a ‘culture canon,’ or, there is
something rotten in the state of Denmark”

Ken Nielsen, CUNY Graduate Center

“Francis Alÿs’s Walking Tale The Collector: An Embodiment of Urban Borderlands”

Ana Martínez, CUNY Graduate Center


The State(s) of the American Canon

“The Future of American Theater Canons: The Influence of Play Development,
Commissions, and Production in the United States”

Rick DesRochers, CUNY Graduate Center

“More Fire! Productions and the Making of an Alternative Theatre Company”

Robin Epstein and Dorothy Cantwell, More Fire! Productions

“The US Theatrical Canon Abroad: U.S. Identities and Stereotypes in Austria”

Mary Katharine Stickel, University of Texas at Austin

“A Comparative and Canonical Analysis of Eugene O’Neill, Susan Glaspell,
and Elmer Rice, 1915-1930”

Peter Zazzali, CUNY Graduate Center


Revisiting the Classics: Social, Cultural, and Political Adaptations

“The Politics of Prophecy: Arab Adaptations of Oedipus”

Bethany Holmstrom, CUNY Graduate Center

“Blind, Submissive Oedipus: The Shifting Cultural Meaning of Ali Ahmad
Bakathir’s The Tragedy of Oedipus”

Lindsay Livingston, CUNY Graduate Center

“Revitalizing the Canon: Adaptation and Rebecca Gilman’s Dollhouse”

Lindsey L. Mantoan, University of Texas at Austin

“Inspiring cultural and political resistance by engaging the theatre canon
in Capitaine Fracasse and Les enfants du Paradis”

Mirabelle Ordinaire, Columbia University

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