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paradigm . . . n. . . . 1 a) a pattern, example, or model b) an overall
concept accepted by most people in an intellectual community, as a
science, because of its effectiveness in explaining a complex process,
idea, or set of data 2 Gram. an example of a declension or conjugation,
giving all the inflectional forms of a word---SYN. model.

praxis . . . n. . . . 1 practice, as distinguished from theory, of an
art, science, etc. 2 established practice, custom 3 [Now Rare] a set of
examples or exercises, as in grammar

field . . . n. . . . 1 a wide stretch of open land; plain; 2 a piece of
cleared land, set off or enclosed . . . 6 a battlefield . . . 10 the
background, as on a flag or coin . . . â€"vt. Baseball, cricket a) to stop
or catch or to catch and throw (a ball) in play b) to put (a player) into
a field position 2 [Colloq.] to answer (a question) extemporaneously.1

The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism seeks articles of three
types for future issues:
1. essays of 20-25 manuscript pages, exclusive of notes, addressing
paradigms used in or potentially useful for dramatic theory and
criticism, broadly conceived;
2. essays of 15-25 manuscript pages, exclusive of notes,
investigating praxis, such as theatre practices that raise questions
about the nature of theatre, drama, or performance;
3. shorter essays, interviews, or dialogues reflecting on the field
by examining a body of work by an individual author or a recent
theoretical or critical trend.

Submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Inquiries may be
directed to the managing editor at To submit a manuscript,
please send an electronic copy as a Word attachment (including a cover
page with name, address, e-mail, and phone number). Manuscripts may also
be sent (with personal information indicated above on a separate page) by
mail to:

Iris Smith Fischer, Editor
The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism
University of Kansas
Department of English
1445 Jayhawk Boulevard, Room 3001
Lawrence, Kansas 66045

1. Webster’s New World Dictionary of American English, 3 edition. [â†']

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