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Scott Magelssen

The 30th Annual
Mid-America Theatre Conference
Hyatt Regency Chicago
March 5-8, 2009


The Mid-America Theatre Conference invites scholarly
inquiries/investigations in the areas of Acting and Directing, Pedagogy,
Playwriting, and Theatre History that can be linked to the notion of “Poor
Theatre,” broadly construed.

In the 1960s, Jerzy Grotowski’s Polish Laboratory Theatre leveled a set of
challenges at the theory and practice of theatre in the face of the
shifting aesthetic, political, and economic landscapes of art in the
twentieth century. For the thirtieth-annual MATC conference we seek to put
a finger on current and emerging challenges to contemporary art and
scholarship of theatre:

What are the difficulties of producing and teaching theatre in times of
economic hardship? As formerly-rigid boundaries between high-brow and
low-brow taste increasingly give way to irony and pastiche, with what
criteria do we judge whether a work is good or poor in quality or
achievement? With the advent of new pedagogical paradigms increasingly
targeted toward learning styles and dispositions, who is to say what is
good or poor teaching? And with the dark economic forecasts for the
national/global economy, what is the state/fate of our University theatre
programs? Our research? Academic Theatre?

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Acting & Directing Symposium
Pedagogy Symposium
Playwriting Symposium
Theatre History Symposium
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