CFP: [Theatre] ACLA 2009 Seminar: Local/Foreign Shakespeares (Deadline November 1, 2008)

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Lucian Ghita
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Local/Foreign Shakespeares
Seminar Organizer: Lucian Ghita (Yale University)

ACLA Annual Meeting, 26-29 March, 2009
Harvard University
Deadline for submitting proposals: November 1, 2008 (see instructions below)

The idea that Shakespeare has gone global has become a cliché. The
expanding literary and theatrical scene, in which his plays have been
produced, circulated and read for the past two of centuries, has reshaped
the cultural and aesthetic codes for imagining Shakespeare from page to
stage and screen. Writers, directors and actors from around the world have
reworked Shakespeare’s theatre in ways that have irreversibly altered
canonical, Anglo-centered interpretations of his works. From Tian Han’s
1937 stage adaptation of Romeo and Juliet to Ninagawa’s 2004 production of
Titus Andronicus, from Brecht’s Coriolanus to Silviu Purcarete’s Twelfth
Night, Shakespeare has been systematically defamiliarized, foreignized,
localized. This seminar explores the long history of textual, theatrical,
and cinematic reworkings of his plays from Asia to Eastern Europe, placing
particular emphasis on how post-1945 authors and directors deconstruct and
re-envision Shakespeare’s language, imagery, and mise-en-scène. The seminar
invites papers which explore adaptations and appropriations of Shakespeare
across various cultural, generic and media boundaries. Possible topics
include, but are not limited, to: local Shakespeares in global markets;
“post-” Shakespeares (postcolonial, post-communist, postdramatic);
performance, performativity and intercultural webs of signification;
marginal spaces and geographies of difference in contemporary
adaptations/appropriations of Shakespeare; politics and poetics of
adaptation; indigenous/Third-World appropriations; issues of hybridity,
intermediality and intertextuality. The seminar welcomes papers that use a
variety of theoretical and critical approaches, from performance theory and
textual/stage/film semiotics to cultural, gender, queer, and postcolonial

Please submit 250-word paper proposals by November 1, 2008 directly through
the ACLA website at:
If you have any questions about the seminar, please contact Lucian Ghita at

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