CFP: Sexy Feminisms? Trans-Formations in Feminist Sexuality Studies (2/1/6; journal issue)

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Rachel Warburton

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Call for Submissions for Special Issue of Atlantis: A Women's Studies
Journal / Revue d'Etudes sur les femmes


In 1984, Signs held a forum on "female sexualities" that described two
presumably opposing camps of feminist responses to sexuality debates:
radical and libertarian. Contributors to this 1984 forum pointed out that
both sides claim the other overlooks important aspects of female sexuality
and pleasure. They concluded that these "opposing positions do not exhaust
the possible feminist perspectives on sexual pleasure, sexual freedom, and
danger" (107). In the two decades since that important critical moment,
feminist sexuality studies has moved well beyond the limiting poles of
danger versus pleasure or prudes versus progressives. Indeed, feminist
sexuality studies since has faced new challenges in form of queer theory,
transgender, and transnational scholarship, as well as critical race,
whiteness and disability studies.

Given these transformations, this special issue of Atlantis seeks to survey
the current states of feminist sexuality studies in the wake of the above
theoretical and political influences. We invite submissions that contribute
to an inquiry into the current relationship between "feminist" and
"sexuality." We suggest that such inquiry circulates around two central
questions: How have the above mentioned theoretical and political movements
transformed how we do and understand feminist sexuality studies today? What
kinds of changes can we observe in the longstanding conversation that
feminist theory has about the status of sexuality? Accordingly, some of the
questions that this issue seeks to address (but is not limited to) include:

how do contemporary sexuality studies (the scholarship produced under this
rubric and programs of study created or planned as critical sexuality,
queer, and lesbian/gay studies) engage and draw upon feminist theories and

which feminist paradigms continue to inform contemporary approaches to
sexuality studies; which ones have been rejected?
what role do sexuality studies play within contemporary feminist research
and theories, in women's studies programs and courses?
how has queer theory transformed feminist sexuality studies?
how do transgender, transnational, and transdisciplinary scholarship, and/or
work in areas such as critical race, whiteness and disability studies
transform what we imagine when we imagine "feminist sexuality studies"?

All contributions should be accessible to an audience from many different
backgrounds interested in participating in the creation and sharing of
feminist knowledge. Atlantis articles are peer reviewed. They contribute to
a publication that strives to meet the most significant academic and
feminist expectations of our colleagues.

Please send submissions addressed to the Atlantis address below. Information
regarding the contributors' guidelines may be found in a recent copy of the
journal, at the web site ( <>, or by contacting the Atlantis office.

Please note:
When an article is accepted for publication in Atlantis, we ask that the
contributor subscribe to the journal for one year. Like many other journals,
our fiscal base is vulnerable. Subscribers to Atlantis create the
possibility for the dissemination of feminist knowledge in the form of
peer-reviewed articles, community voices, curriculum reflections and book
reviews. As contributors of peer-reviewed articles, their subscriptions will
assist in keeping the journal in print and available to the larger community
of feminist thinkers and doers. In exchange, they will receive both the
spring and fall editions plus an extra copy of the edition carrying their

Guest Editors: Susanne Luhmann
Department of Women's Studies, Thorneloe College at Laurentian University

Rachel Warburton
Department of English, Lakehead University,

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2006

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