CFP: Connecting the Renaissance Senses: Image-Space-Text-Music (4/25/07; RSA, 4/3/08-4/5/08)

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Marlene Eberhart

Connecting the Renaissance Senses: Image ­ Space ­ Text ­ Music
This interdisciplinary panel or series of panels will consider the
representation of sensory experience in the arts broadly defined. The early
modern experiences of vision and touch have received significant attention
in recent studies, while those of hearing, taste and/or smell, outside
thematic treatments of the five senses or the formalized hierarchy of the
senses, remain to be more fully described. Though our particular interest
is in the sense of hearing and ideas about sound and sounding objects in the
Renaissance, we invite papers that illuminate connections among the senses
across the early modern media. Topics we might address, among others,
The senses as ways of knowing
Imaged or Textual representations of sound / soundscapes
How a sensory understanding of a geography informs its literary / artistic
The embodiment of sensual experience
Please send your abstract of no more than 400 words and a one-page CV by
April 25, 2007 to both Marlene Eberhart ( and
Carla Zecher (
If selected, we will request a 150-word abstract from you no later than May

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