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Janus Head. A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Continental Philosophy, Literature, Phenomenological Psychology and the Arts <>




JANUS HEAD 10.1 (Summer 2007) - Open Issue


Deadline for submissions: February 1, 2006.


JANUS HEAD is currently accepting submission for its next open issue. JH follows APA guidelines for its review process (peer review).


In general, Janus Head editors and reviewers look for works which speak to the Janus Head attitude of "respect and openness to the various manifestations of truth in human experience and the fostering of understanding through meditative thinking, narrative structure, and poetic imagination."


Janus Head is an interdisciplinary journal that places emphasis on the intersections among literature, continental philosophy, phenomenological psychology, and the arts. Our board welcomes the submission of innovative work from authors and artists who take risks to create fruitful dialogue among the disciplines of the academy.

CRITERIA FOR ESSAYS: Submissions should be no longer than 8,000 words. Works should be typed and double-spaced. Format requirements: APA or MLA styles (footnotes should be placed at the end of paper). Submit one disk or CD and two (2) copies to the address below. Your essay should include a brief abstract (120 words or less). Also include a brief biography for the contributors page, should your paper be accepted. Make sure to include all relevant contact information, including a permanent e-mail address. Email submissions will not be accepted!

CRITERIA FOR SHORT FICTION, CREATIVE NON-FICTION, & POETRY: Please include a cover letter, a short biography, and correspondence information. Short fiction should be typed and double-spaced and should be no longer than 9000 words (about 36 pages or shorter). Poetry should be typed in the format in which it is intended to be printed. Three to five poems are the suggested number for poetry submissions. Submit one disk or CD and two (2) copies to the address below. Please note: We are no longer accepting poetry submissions via email. If you submit your poetry via email, please do not expect it to be reviewed.

If your submission does not follow these guidelines, it will not be reviewed.

CRITERIA FOR ARTWORK: We are seeking artists for submissions of portfolios to feature in the journal. Electronic images are the preferred formats. TIFF images of at least 300 dpi are required for print. Please the editors if you have any questions:

1. Essay and poetry submission materials will not be returned. However, art, photography and other materials will be returned if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
2. Upon the acceptance of your paper, Janus Head reserves the right to use your work for promotional purposes, anthologies, etc. However, you are welcome to publish your work elsewhere as you see fit.
3. Contributors will get a complimentary hard copy of the issue in which their work appears, as well as access to an electronic PDF file of their article for distribution.

Please send essays and art submissions to:

Janus Head
P.O. Box 1259
Amherst, NY 14226

Please send all poetry and fiction submissions to:

Robert Gibbons
Poetry & Fiction Editor
P.O. Box 4277
Portland, ME 04101

Authors should include their e-mail address. Allow at least 3-6 months for the review process and editorial decisions.

Further guidelines for Submissions: <>






Janus Head's latest issue (Volume 8.2, Winter 2005/6) is now available at: <javascript:ol('');>

The issue features, among other things, works by Alphonso Lingis, Branka Arsic, Richard Hoffman, Bernard Andrieu, Camelia Elias, Steven M. DeLue, Uwe Schmidt-Hess.



by Brent Dean Robbins <javascript:ol('');>


"Sublime, Necessarily Sublime, Christine V"
by Marguerite Duras <javascript:ol('');>

"Our Uncertain Compassion"
by Alphonso Lingis <javascript:ol('');>

"Bartleby or a Loose Existence: Melville with Jonathan Edwards"
by Branka Arsic <javascript:ol('');>

"Stumbling Unto Grace: Invention and the Poetics of Imagination"
by Camelia Elias <javascript:ol('');>

"The Light and the Fogg: Edward Hopper and Paul Auster
by James Peacock <javascript:ol('');>

Moral and Epistemic Ambiguity in Oedipus Rex"
by Havi Hannah Carel <javascript:ol('');>

"Martin Buber and Immanuel Kant on Mutual Respect and the Liberal State"
by Steven M. DeLue <javascript:ol('');>

"Brains in the Flesh: Prospects for a Neurophenomenology"
by Bernard Andrieu <javascript:ol('');>

"Black Sun: Bataille on Sade"
by Geoffrey Roche <javascript:ol('');>

"The New Surrealism: Loft Stories, Reality Television, and Amateur Dream-Censors"
by Thorsten Botz-Bornstein <javascript:ol('');>

"The Artist Unbroken"
by Margery E. Capone <javascript:ol('');>

"Spatial Melancholia: The Construction of Sensitive Machines"
by Uwe Schmidt-Hess <javascript:ol('');>


"Vagrant Geometry"
by Uwe Schmidt-Hess <javascript:ol('');>

"Meet Me In the Dark, Meet Me In the Shadows"
by Jennifer Reed <javascript:ol('');>


Two poems
by Richard Hoffman <javascript:ol('');>

Two poems
by Andrew Sneddon <javascript:ol('');>

Two poems
by Mercedes Lawry <javascript:ol('');>

"Flickering Midnight Yucca in Full Bloom"
by Thomas Quiter <javascript:ol('');>

"Lost Statues"
by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee <javascript:ol('');>

"Sounds Stations of the Tokkaido"
by Alexandra Clayton <javascript:ol('');>

"Jug Shots"
by Amy Haddad <javascript:ol('');>


"Zizek's Greatest Hits"
Review of "Interrogating the Real"
by Slavoj Zizek
Reviewer: Cristina Laurita <javascript:ol('');>

"Learning Qualitative Research Methods Through Example"
Review of "Qualitative Research Methods for Psychologists: Introduction Through Empirical Studies"
Edited by Constance T. Fischer
Reviewer: Alan Pope <javascript:ol('');>

"If Children Are the Future..."
Review of "All Work and No Play...: How Educational Reforms Are Harming Our Preschoolers and No Child Left Different"
Edited by Sharna Olfman
Reviewer: Brent Dean Robbins <javascript:ol('');>

"'The swearword, the telegram, the epitaph'"
Review of "The Fragment: Towards a History and Poetics of a Performative Genre"
by Camelia Elias
Reviewer: Costica Bradatan <javascript:ol('');>

"The Management of Drug Traffic"
Review of "Drug Wars: The Political Economy of Narcotics"
by Curtis Marez
Reviewer: Dan Warner <javascript:ol('');>

"The Psychoanalyst and the Philosopher"
Review of "The Intervention of the Other: Ethical Subjectivity in Levinas and Lacan"
by David Ross Fryer
Reviewer: Donald L. Turner <javascript:ol('');>

"Carrying Levinas' Thought Forward"
Review of "Levinas Studies: An Annual Review," Volume 1.
Edited by Jeffrey Bloechl and Jeffrey L. Kosky
Reviewer: Ryan A. Mest <javascript:ol('');>

"What Has Happened to Feminism?"
Review of "Continental Feminism Reader"
by Ann J. Cahill and Jennifer Hansen
Reviewer: Kristen Hennessy <javascript:ol('');>

"A Conundrum of Difference Without Contradiction"
Review of "Madness and Death in Philosophy"
Edited by Ferit Güven
Reviewer: Apple Igrek <javascript:ol('');>

CONTRIBUTORS <javascript:ol('');>

Information about purchasing hard copies & making subscriptions can be found here: <javascript:ol('');>

Costica Bradatan,
Senior Editor
Janus Head

Costica Bradatan, PhD
Assistant Professor of Humanities
Texas Tech University
The Honors College
PO Box 41017
Lubbock, TX 79409
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