CFP: Rhetoric of Space(s), Place(s) and Time(s) (5/15/07; 1/18/08-1/19/08)

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J. David Hester
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=93A Conference: The Rhetorics of Space(s), Place(s), and Time(s)=94

This is the Call for Papers for the seventh international =20
Conference on Rhetorics and Hermeneutics organized by the Rhetorical =20
New Testament
Project of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, Claremont, =20
CA, and the Centre
for Rhetorics and Hermeneutics. The conference will be held on January =20=

18 and 19,
2008, at the University of Redlands, Redlands, California.

The organizers seek proposals for papers that describe, analyze, and/=20
or criticize
the discourses, narratives, and/or patterns of persuasion that create, =20=

occur within, or
empower space(s), places(s), and/or times(s). Topics can include =20
contributions from
rhetorics of architecture, ritual, dance, history, labeling theory, =20
and civil religion, among
many others.

Among the many rhetorical issues that could be discussed are: To what =20=

end are
the concepts of time, space, and place used rhetorically, and what =20
concepts in turn
inform them rhetorically? How is time divided and differentiated? How =20=

does a point in
time suddenly become important? What constitutes space? How is space =20
outer space, inner space? How are some places made =93sacred=94 or =20

Example contributions might include an analysis/criticism of the =20
shifts in
discourse when a group moves into a new phase of group consciousness =20
(time), or the
shifts made when an individual moves into sacred space. Proposals that =20=

deal with more
than one dimension of the topic and make use of modern rhetorical =20
theory, as opposed
to rhetorical analysis, are especially welcome.

Proposals are due to the organizers by May 5, 2007. Precedence will be =20=

given to
those who have participated in earlier conferences. Those proposing =20
papers for the first
time are asked to include a CV or description of their current =20
institutional affiliation
and/or intellectual interests. Proposals should be sent to both James =20=

Hester at and David Hester at

We will accept sixteen of the most relevant proposals. Participants =20
will be
notified by May 15. Final drafts of the papers to be discussed are due =20=

to the organizers
by December 15. Participants must agree to have these drafts posted on =20=

the web sites of
the respective organizers. They also obligate themselves to read the =20
papers and come
prepared to discuss them. Oral presentation of the contents of a paper =20=

is limited to ten
(10) minutes; discussion of each is typically scheduled for 35 - 40 =20

-J David Hester, PhD
Centre for Rhetorics & Hermeneutics

-James D Hester, DTheo
University of Redlands

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