CFP: 2008 CCCC Feminist Workshop (6/1/07; CCCC, 4/2/08-4/5/08)

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Stephanie S. Morgan
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CCCC 2008
Feminist Workshop

(Post) Institutionalized Feminism: Defining the ?F-word?

Stuart Hall warned against the institutionalization of feminism saying
that once incorporated into the institution it would lose its vibrant
social and political activism. bell hooks ostensibly agrees with
Hall?s assessment in the 2004 film, ?Is Feminism Dead?? This workshop
seeks to interrogate the supposed ?death? of feminism in our cultural
moment, in which both Women?s Studies departments and ?I am not a
Feminist, but. . .? figure largely. We intend to strategizing
locations for political action from academic and social perspectives
and plot a course to reinvigorate the usefulness of The F-Word.

Some of the questions this workshop seeks to explore revolve around
familiar questions:

1. What is feminism? How may we strategically/momentarily (re)define
feminism to get work done? What should that work look like?
2. Has the feminist movement been erased once again? 3. How and when
did feminism become The F- Word? What may feminists do to reclaim it?
4. What is ?post? about ?post-feminism??
5. What is the state of feminism in the academy? The Profession? What
are the new and on-going challenges we face?
6. How does rank influence the manifestation (or lack thereof) of a
feminist identity? 7. What is the dynamic between the second and
potential third wave of feminist scholars/activists? 8. How may
self-identified feminists act as mentors?
9. How can women inside the academy work with women outside of it?
10. Where are academic men in feminist work?
11. How has the rise of other socially-conscious disciplines, such as
ethnic studies and queer studies changed what we call feminism?
12. How may we use the ?technosocial? as a rhetorical tool for both
academic and social action?

This workshop seeks participants who wish to collaboratively frame
feminism(s), find strategies, and build coalitions to get feminist work
done. Men and women are invited to speak to these objectives in short,
2 ? 5 page papers. Part One of the workshop will explore and frame the
current state of feminism. During Part Two we will work in roundtable
sessions to overview work being done about in and about feminism, and
finally, we will summarize, strategize and reflect on our work during
Part Three.

To further the goals of this workshop, it is the intention of the
co-chairs that after the workshop conference proceedings will be
published and would request that no later than a week after the
workshop, participants submit hard or electronic copies of their papers.

Please submit abstracts of no more than one, double-spaced page to
either Kirsti Cole ( or Stephanie Morgan
( by June 1.

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