UPDATE: Mourning, Hospitality and Literature (Australia) (4/30/07; 7/18/07-7/21/07)

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Tony Thwaites
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Due to a number of requests, we have extended the deadline for proposals =
for papers to April 30 2007. Proposals may be submitted online, from =
the website, at www.emsah.uq.edu.au/after. Secure online registration =
is also available. =20
Mourning & its Hospitalities | (after ...)
a three-day international conference at the University of Queensland, =
July 18-20 2007

followed by
Hospitalities of Literature | (teaching after ...)
a one-day symposium on teaching
July 21 2007

Plenary speakers include:

* J. Hillis Miller, Distinguished Professor of English, Department of =
English and Comparative Literature, University of California at Irvine=20
* Derek Attridge, Professor of English, Department of English and =
Related Literatures, University of York

Mourning is the repetition of what we do not have. But it is not just a =
yearning for what will never again make itself present: what =
distinguishes mourning from what Freud and his time called melancholia =
is that mourning affirms-or learns to affirm-this absence. On a thin =
thread of words, mourning calls up what was perhaps never there to begin =
with, and brings it into being. And that means that mourning is at the =
heart of so much we most value, and its continuing claim on us. The late =
Jacques Derrida catalogues many of these in the course of his work: =
friendship, justice, the debt and the gift, inheritance, responsibility, =
hospitality, tradition; literature, and the arts in general. In that =
mourning is inseparable from speculation in all senses of the word, its =
hospitality to the new is also at the heart of the scattered and various =
disciplines that make up the humanities.

Mourning & its Hospitalities | (after...)
will have as its focus the implications for the humanities of the work =
of mourning. We invite proposals for 20-minute papers, and panels of =
papers, that will develop some aspect of this topic. Proposals should be =
no more than 200 words. The deadline for submission is April 16 2007.

We are particularly interested in:
* considerations of the work and functions of the post- (-colonial, =
-structuralist or -modernist)
* considerations of the work of writers, literary and philosophical, on =
the work of mourning and hospitality
* the roles of the humanities in a post-humanities age, of theory after =
theory, and of literature after literature
* the concepts of tradition
* the debates about critical literacy and the role of literature in the =
primary and secondary education systems
* teaching the humanities in the current political and economic climates

The conference will provide a number of inventive avenues for subsequent =
publication of work.

Hospitalities of Literature | (teaching after ...)
is a one-day symposium on teaching, with the participation of the =
conference's plenary speakers. There will be separate bookings for this =
event, with a limited number of places available.

"What is the use of literary study now, in this new university [that has =
lost the guiding mission that has sustained it since the early =
nineteenth century]? Should, ought, or must we still study literature? =
What is the source now of the obligation to study literature? Who or =
what addresses to us a call to do so? Why should we do it? To what =
purpose? Can literary study still be defended as a socially useful part =
of university research and teaching or is it just a vestigial remnant =
that will vanish as other media become more dominant in the new global =
society that is rapidly taking shape?"
(J. Hillis Miller, "Governing the Ungovernable: Literary Study in the =
Transnational University", 1995)

Discussion will focus on a small number of ten-minute papers on the =
issues raised by this statement. These papers will be circulated in =
advance rather than read live.

For further information, contact:
Jude Seaboyer or Tony Thwaites (after_at_uq.edu.au)
To propose a paper or panel, submit a paper through the online =
submission system at:
(after...) website: www.emsah.uq.edu.au/after

Mourning & its Hospitalities | (after...)=20
Hospitalities of Literature | (teaching after ... )
are initiatives of the School of English, Media Studies and Art History
at the University of Queensland.

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