CFP: Historical Memory in the Radical Tradition (12/30/07; journal issue)

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Zoe Trodd
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JSR: Journal for the Study of Radicalism invites article submissions for =
a special issue on historical memory in American or international =
radicalism. For many years, scholars have argued that radical activists =
and protest writers reject history to embrace a series of fresh starts - =
a "break" from the past - in their calls for social change. Recently, =
however, scholars have begun to debunk prevailing assumptions that =
radical movements and their protest literature are without historical =
memory. They have observed that protest rhetoric has long called upon =
an ancestry, or tradition, of dissent. Scholarly works that examine the =
palpable pasts of activist history and literature now include James =
Green's Taking History to Heart (2000), Lisa Gail Collins's The Art of =
History (2002), John McMillian and Timothy Patrick McCarthy's The =
Radical Reader (2003), John Ernest's Liberation Historiography (2004), =
Manning Marable's Living Black History (2006), and Zoe Trodd's American =
Protest Literature (2006).

Possible subjects for article submissions include (but are not limited =
to): memories of specific activists, writers, and texts across time; =
adaptations of protest texts; shifting conceptions or meanings of =
"revolution"; patriotism and the protest tradition; rewriting the =
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in the American protest =
tradition; nostalgia; historical memory in utopian and dystopian =
visions; remembering Vietnam during the Iraq war; nineteenth-century =
woman's rights and the second and third wave feminist movements; labor =
activism and the connection between wage-slavery and chattel-slavery; =
refashioning African-American music and protest in modern Hip Hop =
culture; rephotographing Depression-era images; protest history as =
kinship drama; protest literature as folk process; the concept of a =
"usable past." We are particularly interested in articles that deal with =
historical memory in the tradition of protest literature and art =
(including film, photography, and music), but also welcome submissions =
that focus upon the history of social protest movements rather than =
literary or cultural representations.

Submissions should be 20-30 pages in length and conform to the Chicago =
Manual of Style. Please include a one-paragraph abstract, and a brief =
author bio. Images for possible use in an article should be 300 dpi, and =
authors are responsible for requesting and receiving permission to =
reprint images for scholarly use. Send queries, proposals, and articles =
to the guest editors, Timothy Patrick McCarthy and Zoe Trodd, at = and The deadline for =
submitting completed articles is December 30, 2007, and we encourage =
early submission to facilitate the review process. See = for more information on the journal.
JSR-a print academic journal published by Michigan State University =
Press-is devoted to serious, scholarly exploration of the forms, =
representations, meanings, and historical influences of radical social =
movements. With sensitivity and openness to historical and cultural =
contexts of the term, we loosely define "radical," as distinguished from =
"reformers," to mean groups who seek revolutionary alternatives to =
hegemonic social and political institutions, and who use violent or =
non-violent means to bring about socio-political change.

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