CFP: Princeton/Bucharest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy (Romania) (6/8/07; 7/28/07-8/4/07)

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Dana Jalobeanu
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Princeton/Bucharest seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Experiments, reason and revelation: the moral value of studying nature in=
 Early Modernity

28th of July- 4th of August 2007

Bran, Romania

Among the recent and less recent discussions concerning the meaning of "e=
xperiments" for the constitution of early modern science, much has been s=
aid about the relation between science and religion, natural philosophy a=
nd natural theology and the various ways of reaching certainty. For some =
of the early modern philosophy, studying nature carried moral and religio=
us significance. Moreover, the experimental practice itself was sometimes=
 regarded as related to religious experiences. Some of this moral and rel=
igious background of the experimental philosophy has often been considere=
d as a rhetorical apologetic construction. But is this the only way of se=
eing the connection? Is there a possibility of seeing religious and moral=
 values as intrinsic to the experimental philosophy?

The Princeton/Bucharest seminar in Early Modern Philosophy is an internat=
ional meeting of scholars interested in various aspects of early modern t=
hought. Past editions have been held in various locations of Romania, and=
 the seminar has become already a tradition. The aim of the seminar is to=
 create an interesting environment for discussing papers and ideas. It in=
cludes workshops in the morning and presentations of papers in the aftern=
oon, trying to maintain a balance between a high academic level and the i=
nformal spirit of an academia.=20

This year, the seminar will take place in Bran, near Brasov, in Transylva=
nia. Among the participants: Daniel Garber (Princeton University), Roger =
Ariew (University of South Florida), Giulia Belgioioso (Universit=E0 di L=
ecce). A number of PhD Students and young scholars from different univers=
ities are also invited to participate.=20


Bran is a mountain resort near Brasov, 3-4 hours by car from Bucharest's =
main airport. An alternative route is by train from Bucharest to Brasov (=
which is 15 km away from Bran). The participants will be lodged in a nice=
 little villa in between the mountains, viewing the Bran Castle, in doubl=
e rooms.

Please, submit an abstract of your paper and a brief CV to Dana Jalobeanu=
, , by the 8th of June.=20

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