CFP: Marxism, Poetics, and Spatial Formation (5/12/07; MSA, 11/1/07-11/4/07)

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Ruth Jennison
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CFP: Marxism, Poetics, and Spatial Formation
Modernist Studies Association, Long Beach, CA, October 2007
Ruth Jennison (UMass Amherst) and Barrett Watten (Wayne State U), =
This session proposes to expand the range of connection between the =
spatial formations of modernity and poetic form, by using reading =
strategies from the twentieth-century Marxist tradition. Panel =
presentations may take up approaches such as: the cultural entailments =
of "combined and uneven development" of capitalist economies, in =
relation to modernist and postmodern poetics; political economy in its =
transnational and global articulations; Left poetics and spaces of =
cultural dialogue; critical geography and critical regionalism; =
spatiotem=ADporal concepts of the "horizon" of literary form in relation =
to material culture; transnational feminisms; and the "cognitive =
mapping" of modernity read in the specifics of poetic form.=20
Our overarching questions are: 1) how can materialist theories of =
spatial production help us to reconceive the critical history of poetic =
production? 2) how does poetic form mediate the spatial political =
economies of advanced capitalist globalization? and 3) how do =
materialist poetics make visible the contact points between geography =
and history? To these ends, we seek proposals at the intersections of =
Marxism, poetics, and theories of spatial formation.=20
 Possible topics and approaches may include, but are not limited to:
* Modern and postmodern poetics and globalization
* Theorists of the Marxist tradition (Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Rosa =
Luxemburg, Antonio Gramsci, Ernest Mandel, Raymond Williams, Henri =
Lefebvre, Aijaz Ahmad, Perry Anderson, Fred=ADric Jameson, David Harvey) =
and spatialized cultural production/the cultural production of space
* Radical poetics and revolutionary geographies
* Border poetics in the modern and postmodern periods
* Anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, and avant-garde negativity
* Poetics and materialist/transnational feminisms
* Race, diaspora, and Marxist political cultures
* Poetics of immigrant class formations
* Psychic topographies, critical geographies and poetic landscapes
* Poetics against nature; ecopoetics and political economy
* Poetry's spatial imaginary vs. cold war antinomies
* Nation, state, and the ideology of modernism/postmodernism
* Lyric autonomy, spatial form, and spatialized history
 Proposals, with a short biographical note, may be sent to the =
co-organizers: Ruth Jennison, Dept. of English, UMass Amherst =
( ) and/or Barrett Watten, Dept. of English, =
Wayne State University ( Deadline: May 12=20

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