CFP: [Theory] Is There a Human in this Text? Rethinking Literature and Humanism

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Dr Andy Mousley
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Have specialisation, historicism and the reduction of education to skills
killed off literature’s existential significance? Does English therefore
need re-humanising? If so, what form or forms might this take? Or perhaps
English has never entirely broken away from its humanist roots - in which
case, how, if at all, has its humanism mutated? Is the problem that the
traditional vocabulary of humanism is now embarrassed and exhausted and
needs to be reinvented?

Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers, which might address (though
not exclusively) the following areas: histories of literary studies; the
present and/or future of humanism in literary studies; concepts of the
human; post-humanism; the relationship between historicism and humanism;
science and literature; the necessity and/or sustainability of ethical
appeals to concepts of alienation and de-humanisation. Please send
abstracts, of no more than 200 words, to Dr Andy Mousley, School of
English, Clephan Building, De Montfort University, Leicester, LE1 9BH,

 Deadline for abstracts: February 29, 2008.

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