UPDATE: [Theory] Psychoanalysis and/as Theater

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John Steen
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PLEASE NOTE: Deadline for submissions EXTENDED to JANUARY 15, 2008

Call for Papers:
The interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Studies Program at Emory University
proposes a conference entitled:

Psychoanalysis and/as Theater
March 28th-29th 2008
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eric J. Nuetzel, Washington University in St. Louis

>From its theoretical origins in Freud, psychoanalysis has often turned to
theatrical texts and metaphors in order to explore its own meaning as a
therapeutic practice. Conversely, theories of theater from Aristotle to
Artaud have emphasized the therapeutic value of stage performance. This
conference proposes to explore the complex interactions between
psychoanalytic and theatrical theories and practices. How is theater
therapeutic? How is the clinical setting theatrical? How does the two
fields’ shared vocabulary (catharsis, acting out, identification, etc.)
speak to their similar purposes? How are clinicians served by theatrical
ways of thinking and being? Has theater as a literary and performing art
changed since the advent of psychoanalysis?

We encourage submissions from clinicians as well as humanities and social
science scholars in order to make this conference a truly interdisciplinary

Papers are invited to address (but are not limited to) the following topics:

• the theatricality of the therapeutic setting
• the theatrical metaphor and psychoanalysis
• clinical and dramaturgical “practices”
• the therapeutic function of theater
• psychoanalytic readings of theatrical texts and/or performances
• literary readings of psychoanalytic theories
• psychoanalysis as a dramatic art
• clinical case studies involving theatricality
• theatrical and analytic space(s)

Please send a 250-word abstract for a twenty-minute presentation to
analysis.theater.conference_at_gmail.com by January 15, 2008.

As submissions will be reviewed blindly, please remove all identifying
information from your attached abstract. Be sure to include your name,
email address and telephone number in the body of your email.

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