CFP: [Theory] Knowledge, Violence, Discipline: (Re)Thinking Politics and the University

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Sasha Shivers
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We acknowledge our inheritance of various critiques of the Academy, in
which the Academy has been conceived multiply: as an ideological instrument
bent on creating capitalist workers, as the technological bedfellow of the
military-industrial complex, as a site that systematically elides alterior
narratives and reinscribes hegemonic processes, as a location predicated on
a disassemblage of the 'theoretical' from the praxical. We seek in this
conference to provide a dialogic space in which to critique and reconfigure
these radical analyses of 'knowledge-production,' as well as to engage
knowledges and epistemic formations which have been deemed illegitimate or
simply supplemental, and as a result have been concomitantly tokenized,
ghettoized, or ignored altogether.

For, despite the thorough deconstruction of a notion of the University as a
politically neutral site, we have also mythified the moments of student
revolt that have sought to introduce radical political praxis in the space
of the University. This mythification fails to move us to rethink and
concomitantly enact effective resistances to current politico-economic
conditions, while additionally forcing a re-membering of student revolt
which elides instantiations of resistant strategies and radical pedagogical
practices both historically and currently taking place in terrains which
fall either 'beneath' or 'beyond' the radar of the Euro-/Westo-centric
Academy. A rethinking of Politics and the University, we suggest, entails
a consideration of 'disciplinarity' which takes seriously the specific
violences which attend the institutionalization of 'knowledge' â€"
violences which both open up and close off certain ways and modes of knowing.

We seek submissions that both implicitly and explicitly engage these
issues. Topics to consider include:

• How does violence invest knowledge-production, and what are the
(unintended) productivities of this relation?

• What is at stake in the contemporary 'redisciplinarization' of and
'tokenization' within the university?

• How do we understand/combat the instrumentalization and militarization of
knowledge in the context of an increasingly 'entrepreneurial' academy?

• What are the contemporary possibilities of forming inter-, intra-, and
para-institutional collectivities, or of political engagements that reside
in but transcend the space of the University? How do these current
possibilities relate to many legacies of resisting violence and
transforming not just the academy but the social at large?

Workers/writers/thinkers of all different disciplinary, inter-disciplinary,
and non-disciplinary stripes welcome. Submissions may be textual,
performative, visual.

Submission Guidelines

Submission deadline: Tuesday, February 15, 2008.

Please submit a 300-500 word abstract along with a cover letter that
includes your name, academic affiliation, contact numbers, complete mailing
address, and e-mail address, as well as information regarding any
technological equipment you may need for your presentation. Papers will be
considered for a 20 minute presentation, followed by discussion, so please
limit the length of paper to 10-12 pages.

Email address for inquiries and electronic submission of abstracts:

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