CFP: [Theory] Special issue of Telos: Carl Schmitt and the Event

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Michael Marder

Papers are invited for a thematic issue on Carl Schmitt and the Event to
appear in Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Politics, Philosophy, Critical
Theory, Culture and the Arts in 2009.

Guest-edited by Michael V. Marder (University of Toronto), the journal
invites papers that explore the political, philosophical, and theological
dimensions of the “event” in Carl Schmitt. Some of the topics that
elucidate this notion implicit in Schmitt’s oeuvre might include:
sovereignty and the event of deciding upon the exception; the event of the
political as a shift in oppositional binaries that leads to the emergence
of a qualitatively different category; concrete representation or
“representation from above” as the event of instantiating the abstract in
the concrete; the event of naming in Nomos of the Earth; the iteration,
with difference, of various nomoi; the institution of parliamentary
democracy as a “counter-event”, etc. In addition, essays may address models
of political events and interventions and their relationship to historical
moments; events as performance; or the standing of executive power and
decisionism in relation to political events. Comparative studies drawing on
the writings of G. Agamben, A. Badiou, G. Deleuze, J. Derrida, M.
Heidegger, J-L. Nancy and other thinkers of the event are also encouraged.

Papers should run no more than 7500 words (without notes) or 8500 words
(with notes). Telos also welcomes submissions of shorter pieces, such as
book reviews, relevant to the announced theme. All submitted articles and
reviews should adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style guidelines. Inquiries
and papers should be sent to the guest editor of the issue at by 1 December 2008.

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