CFP: [Theory] Conference on 1968: A Global Perspective

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Lanie Millar
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First Call for Papers

*1968: A Global Perspective*

*The Fifth Annual Graduate Comparative Literature Conference at the
University of Texas at Austin*

*8-10 October 2008*

The year 1968 has become a central myth for the twentieth century, the
purported moment of origin for "the present" -- for current politics,
culture, and academics.

This conference commemorates the 40th anniversary of 1968 by calling for a
reassessment of its local and global impacts, its icons, myths, and images,
the traces and absences left in its wake, and the intellectual and cultural
heritages that we are still working through, as the collective memory of
participants fades into a post-memory of still-incomplete projects of
modernization, globalization, and liberation.

The conference aims at an inter-disciplinary address to the many different
1968 experiences and projects that can be recovered in global, national,
and international frameworks. Flashpoints, major players, artistic
responses in all media and genres, and (re)theorizing about 1968 and its
heritage are all possible themes for conference participation (see the list
below for initial suggestions). Participation is open to scholars from all
disciplines and national/cultural studies areas, and at all levels.

The conference will highlight several keynote speakers, including prominent
public voices, intellectuals, theorists, artists, and academics. Names
will be announced in subsequent mailings.

Several programs are being organized for the week around the centerpiece
academic conference and public lectures. Tentative plans include:

-a 1968 Film Series, with opening commentaries and Q&A sessions

-multiple keynotes

-a mini-conference on Latin and Spanish American 1968s

-a mini-conference on music

-roundtable discussions

Details will be provided as they become available. Consult the conference
website at: <>


Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers that explore the repercussions
of this important year, and that draw connections between 1968 and the
present politically, culturally, and socially. A list of possible topics
is appended below.

Submit your abstract of 150-250 words in an email (no attachments) to
<> by 1 May 2008, along with a brief biographical
statement (max. 250 words) that can be used to introduce you. Please put
"ABSTRACT: 1968 Conference" in the header of your email. Full panels of
three papers may also be proposed (please submit all papers and biographies
together in a single email), but there will be no guarantee that they will
be accepted as stands.

There are no registration fees for this conference, but attendees who are
not giving papers will be encouraged to register for the mailing list at
the same address. Please put "INFORMATION REQUEST: 1968 Conference" in
the header of your email. A block of rooms will be reserved at a local
hotel for participants' convenience; flop space will be arranged by and
for graduate students.

For all information, consult the website at: <>,
which will be updated with the very latest at all points. In the case of
missing information, contact the organizing committee at


Paris Uprisings
Civil Rights Movement
Prague Spring
Berkeley Sit-ins
Columbia Strike
Stonewall Riots
Decolonization of Africa
1968 Summer Olympics
Tlatelolco Massacre
South Asia
Induction centers and draft
Oak Room sit-in
Equal Rights Amendment
Political assassinations
Freedom Riders
Engagement of students and writers
The Jewish 1960s

Martin Luther King
Students for a Democratic Society
Red Army Faction(s)
Peasants' movements
Hanoi Jane
Che Guevara
Student/labor/peasant alliances or conflicts
Marcuse versus Ronald Reagan
Chicago 7
Abbie Hoffman
J. Edgar Hoover and domestic surveillance
Weather Underground
Red diaper babies
Eldridge Cleaver
Black Panthers
Thomas Merton
"The Sisterhood": Betty Friedan, Gloria
Steinem, Tilly Olsen, Germaine Greer and other second-wave feminists

*Artistic Responses*
Situationist International
Cinema Nova
Music (protest and otherwise)
Folk singers/ folk song
Free Jazz
Agitprop theater
Black Prison writing
The Rag
Students and writers
Memoirs, films, and

*1968 in Theory*
1968 in collective imaginaries
(The) Cultural Revolution(s)
Global simultaneity: cross-cultural resonances
Emergent and ongoing feminist projects
Liberation Theology
Defining liberation then and now
Nation-states and 1968
Organized labor and liberation
"The Revolution will not be televised"

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