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Philosophy and Film / Film and Philosophy: A multidisciplinary conference
Second call for papers and registration

UWE in association with the Arnolfini Arts Centre, Bristol and the
support of the British Society of Aesthetics
4-6 July 2008, the Arnolfini, Bristol

Keynote Speakers:
Stephen Mulhall (Oxford) Vivian Sobchack
Robert Sinnerbrink (Macquarie) Catherine
Constable (Warwick)
Julian Baggini (editor, The Philosophers’ Magazine) Karin Littau

In the last years there has been a growing interest in the relationship
between philosophy and film within both analytic and European
philosophical traditions. At the same time, film studies as a discipline
has always raised philosophical questions and has been enriched by a
variety of philosophical approaches. The aim of this conference is to
bring together scholars from both disciplines to examine this shared
history, as well as display the current range and state of philosophical
film analysis.

In what ways is film philosophically informative? What methodologies have
been developed for philosophical analysis of film? What do various
philosophical traditions bring to the study of film? What does the
practice of film studies bring to the practice of philosophy? What
vibrant areas have developed in these fields? The conference theme is
deliberately broad and proposals are invited on any conjunction between
film and philosophy. We welcome submissions that range from general and
methodological observations about the field to readings and
interpretations of specific films, genres, film movements or filmmakers.
We encourage submissions from graduate students and will reserve some
sessions for graduate papers.

Topics include (but are not limited to):
• Film as philosophy
• The ontology of cinema
• Film and phenomenology
• Particular philosophical approaches to film (Cavell, Deleuze,
Frampton etc.)
• The Epistemology of film
• Film affect
• The philosophical worldview of particular directors
• Subjectivity and cinema
• Film ‘theory’ as philosophy
• Aesthetics and film
• Political philosophy and film
• Historical developments in film-philosophy
• Genre and philosophy
• Philosophy and film movements (German Expressionism, Soviet
Montage, Italian Neorealism etc.)
• Cinema as thought experiment
• Morality and movies
• Feminist philosophy and film practice
• Film making as philosophical practice
• Methodologies for philosophical film analysis

Contributions are invited for panel topics, individual papers and
graduate papers
NB: please send us your abstract before the deadline if you require an
early response. We strongly recommend this option for overseas
participants who may need to book flights. Please send proposals (500
word abstract) by Tuesday 8 April, 2008 to:
Dr Havi Carel Havi.carel_at_uwe.ac.uk
Dr Greg Tuck greg.tuck_at_uwe.ac.uk

We prefer email submissions but you can also post your abstract to:
Dr Havi Carel/ Dr Greg Tuck
University of the West of England (UWE)
St Matthias Campus
Oldbury Court Rd
Bristol BS16 2JP
Registration: £75.00 (waged) £45.00 (unwaged)
For registration details please visit http://amd.uwe.ac.uk/index.asp?

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