CFP: [Theory] âTheorist as Celebrity and the Infamy of Theoryâ

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Erin Labbie
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MMLA November 13-16, 2008,

Recent films about Derrida and Zizek produced by Zeitgeist, as well as Zizek's “Pervert's Guide to
Cinema” and his insistence on the public intellectual as a kind of rock star of theoretical maneuvers,
produce a perception of the theorist as a celebrity. What does this popularization of theory do for
the theorist as author, what does it do for the popularity of ideas? Does it help to make the theorist
or ideas accessible, or does it reinforce the perception of theory (and those who produce it), as
infamously difficult? What are the effects, a. of these performances of the theorist as celebrity, and
b. of the perceived “difficulty” of theory? Finally, can theory itself ever be seen as a pharmakon?

Please send 500 word abstracts to Erin Labbie
by April 16.

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