CFP: [Theory] Making Life: Sovereignty from Psychoanalysis to Biopolitics (ACLA 3/26-29, Boston)

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Anna Kornbluh
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ACLA Theme- Global Languages / Local Cultures

Making Life: Sovereignty from Psychoanalysis to Biopolitics

The psychoanalytic conception of “life” â€" life divided from itself, in conflict with itself, a sovereign
emergency vis-à-vis itself â€" would seem to stand at some distance from biopolitical theory’s
“bare life” constituted by violent jurdicalization. At issue is not only a Kantian legacy in which law
is the condition of freedom and sovereignty supertends the juridical, but also an Aristotelian
trajectory in which making is always division, poesis always metastasis. Though Freud’s
metapsychological schema unfold steadily toward political critique, Foucault’s explicit riposte to
Freud circumscribes psychoanalysis as a local iteration of the global discourse of power. Probing
these and other issues, this seminar invites papers that explore the exchanges and chasms
between psychoanalysis and the theory of biopolitics. How do psychoanalysis and biopolitical
theory diverge or converge in grasping the subject’s exposure to death, to the oikos, to the
other, to law? Who or what enjoys in biopolitics? What political theologies might circumvent or
recast the contest between biopolitics and psychoanalysis?

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