CFP: [Theory] ASLE Pre-formed Panel: Excessive Nature

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Judith Hicks
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The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment Conference
June 3-6, 2009
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Nature mutinous or docile, beautiful or terrible. Both western and
nonwestern literatures have developed representations that display
non-human nature and place as excessive, withholding something uncapturable
yet, it may be, unbearably alluring, lying in strange but significant
relation to the social. From Kant’s or Lyotard’s sublime, to Kristevan
negativity or Adorno’s cipher of non-identity, nature may seem to hold
poetic power to breach rigid symbolization and paralyzed rationality, to
unman patriarchal castellations or reconfigure subjectivity. I invite paper
proposals exploring literary representations of nature as excessive in any
direction, whether uncontrollable or inexpressible, a piece of dream-work
or a prophetic voice, for presentation at the biennial ASLE conference on
beautiful Vancouver Island. Please send paper title and an abstract under
500 words, together with your name and institutional affiliation (a brief
bio or cv would be appreciated) by November 7, 2008 to Judith Hicks, UCSB
English. Submit by e-mail: jhicks [at] umail [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.

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