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Grayson Cooke
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CFP: Bernard Stiegler and the Question of Technics

"What has been neglected and repressed by cognitivism, as well as by
philosophy as a whole, going back to Plato's first gesture of thought, is
the place of technics in general in life, technics as the condition of life
that knows".

- Bernard Stiegler, "Desire and Knowledge: the Dead Seize the Living"

Bernard Stiegler's concept of technics has emerged recently as an important
contribution to studies of the relation between technology, time and the
human. Technics, or the prosthetic supplementation of the human in
"default" of the origin, is the condition of "life that knows." Drawing
from and critiquing various sources, including the work on evolutionary
biology by Gilbert Simondon, on palaoanthropology by Andre Leroi-Gourhan,
on Martin Heidegger's existential analysis of Dasein and Jacques Derrida's
différance as the logic of the supplement, Stiegler has proposed arguments
about technology and its relation to the human that suggest a formulation
of human life as "epiphylogenetic", that is, evolving according to the
logic of prosthetic supplementation.

Transformations Journal invites submissions of abstracts for articles to be
considered for publication in late 2008 on the topic of "Stiegler and the
question of technics."

Some possible themes include:

Steigler and Heidegger

Steigler and différance: encounters with Derrida

Technics and art

Steigler and the Greeks

Technics and technology

Technics and power

Technics and memory: epigenesis and epiphylogenesis

Technics and the culture industries

Abstracts (500 words): due 15 October (original deadline extended)
With a view to submit articles by 12th December

Abstracts to be forwarded to Warwick Mules, general editor at


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