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Albertina Foundation

Call for Papers

Rethinking Configurations of Knowledge and Evidence in Literature and
Literary Theory

---> Date of Publication: November 2009
---> Date of Conference: 26-30 November 2009 (Miami)

---> Submissions beginning NOW, ending: January, 5th 2009 (deadline)

We welcome essays of interest to those concerned with the study of (forms
of)knowledge and evidence in literature and literary theory. Due to
successful fundraising and support through public and private institutions,
we invite scholarly articles on: “Rethinking Configurations of Knowledge
and Evidence in Literature and Literary Theory.” We are looking
particularly for essays on various topics in literary study, cultural
studies and aesthetic philosophy answering to the publication's subject

We welcome papers examining the subject from either practical perspectives
(such as single interpretations), or based on foregrounded theoretical
assumptions, as well as papers concerning single authors or comparative views.

The collection of essays will be published with a major European publishing
house, accompanied by an international conference in Miami in November
2009. All authors who are decided to be included in the book will be
invited to speak at the conference. All expanses regarding flights,
accommodation and full board will be financed by the organizers.

Articles of less than c. 6,000 are not considered for publication. The word
count includes foot notes but excludes works-cited lists and translations,
which should accompany foreign language quotations.

Each article submitted is send to two reviewers in international
departments of literary study. Articles recommended by these readers are
then sent to the members of the editorial board, who meet in late May 2009
to make final decisions. Until a final decision is reached, the author's
name is not made known to consultant readers and the editorial board.
Because the submission of an article simultaneously to more than one
refereed project can result in duplication of the demanding task of
reviewing the manuscript, it is our policy not to review articles that are
under consideration elsewhere.

Submissions, prepared according to the “MLA Style”, should be sent
electronically (MS Word document) to:


Please enclose a brief cv and publication list. All authors of articles are
not paid but will receive 20 offprints free of charge and one copy of the
entire publication.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the responsible assistant.
Dr. Philipp Koteas:

US Albertina Foundation for Academic Excellence and Europäische
Stiftung-Albertina für Akademische Exzellenz at and with DFG, DAAD,
Cusanus Werk, Tel Aviv Foundation, UBS Bank, Phonak

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