CFP: [Theory] Art and the Artist in Society (deadline: 12/19/2008; conf.: 3/13/2009 â 3/14/2009)

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College English Association-Caribbean Chapter

Call for Papers

Art and the Artist in Society

The Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association (CEA-CC) will
hold its 2009 Conference entitled Art and the Artist in Society in the
University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo (Puerto Rico) on
March 13 â€" 14.

We are interested in identifying and defining art (what is art?), the
artist (what / who is an artist?), and the role of art and the artist in
a world where the high-brow/low-brow cultural order has shifted. Most
importantly, we are interested in having a dialogue about how the
different forces in society (historical, political, economical, and
cultural) have shaped and continue to shape our conception of art and the
artist. With this objective in mind, we invite all proposals that might
explore the relationship between the artist and his work (art), and the
relationship between these two foci and other aspects of society.

The specific topics to be addressed at the conference will include but
not be limited to:

* Art for art’s sake
* Art and mass production
* Self-publication, the internet,
            and the online artists
* Talent and/or knowledge in art
* Art and the entertainment business
* Artists as celebrities
* Artists, performers, and
            the interpretation of art
* Artists, critics, and the
            interpretation of art
* The artist and his characters
* The artist as a character in fiction
* The artist as a peformative act
* Art as a reflection of the artist’s values
* Art as a reflection of reality
* Art as a distortion of reality
* Artists as national heroes,
            social activists, and revolutionaries
* Art and the artists in the societies
            of the Middle Ages, the
            Renaissance, the Restoration,
            the Romantic and Victorian Age,
            and Modern and Post-Modern Era
* Art and the artist in the post-colonial world
* Art and the artist in the United States, Europe, and/or the Caribbean
* Art, the artist, and minorities
* Art and education / Art in education
* Art and history
* Art and religion
* Art and technology
* Art and the sciences
* Art, language, and linguistics

Please send 200-word proposals for 20 minute papers to José Jiménez-
Justiniano at The tentative deadline
for submitting proposals is December 18, 2008. Proposals must be sent
as part of a text message, not as an attachment.
For more information, please visit the CEA-CC’s Blog

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