CFP: [Theory] ACLA 2009 Seminar: Literary Spaces and Questions of Genre (11/1/08; Harvard U, 3/26/09-3/29/09)

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Barish Ali
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ACLA 2009 Convention
March 26-29, 2009
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Seminar: “Literary Spaces and Questions of Genre”
Seminar Co-chairs: Barish Ali and Caroline Hagood


With the increasing effacement of borders in a postnational era, how does
the dialogue between local and global lead to new constructions of literary
space? How are these new spaces -- literal and figurative -- represented in
contemporary literature, theory, and philosophy? What is the space that the
text occupies? How are these texts distributed?

The space of writing says a lot about actual spaces; for instance, spaces
that pertain to the metropolis -- the visual arts, film, and architecture
-- relate to spaces that pertain to articulations of language.
Architectural metaphors have commonly been used to build systems of thought
in philosophy and imagined spaces in literature; following from these
metaphors this seminar will interrogate questions of space, structure, and
site across the world.

The presentations in this seminar will challenge the space of traditional
disciplinary and ideological boundaries. In particular, we will examine
those works of literature that cross geographical, generic, and ideological
boundaries. Accordingly, how do different aesthetic registers (literature,
architecture, art, music, theatre) and different disciplines (philosophy,
history, science, law) engage with one another in order to contribute to
the newly defined spaces and identities of the postnational and
postcolonial era? How do these articulations of language and art create a
simulacrum of history and cultural experience?


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