CFP: [Theory] States of Violence: Representations of Conflict in The Film, Fiction, and Media of South Asia

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States of Violence:
Representations of Conflict in
The Film, Fiction, and Media of South Asia

An International Conference hosted by:
The Clowes Centre for Conflict and Dialogue
Comparative History of Ideas Program (CHID)
University of Washington, Seattle
February 20 â€" 21, 2009

Deadline for abstracts:
Friday, November 14, 2008

As a geopolitical entity, South Asia has had a long history of violence:
anti-colonialist movements, post-colonial secessionist uprisings, religious
fundamentalism, gender conflicts, caste wars, ‘racial’ strife, ethnic
struggles, regional conflicts, and terrorism. The conference aims to
critically examine representations of these issues in the media,
literature, and cinemas in the region’s historical, political, social,
economic, and globalized and diasporic contexts. The conference will
evaluate these topics in the contexts of gender, class, race, ethnicity,
ideology, and caste. In addition, we understand states to be diversely
defined, including geo-political entities as well as “states” of mind,
emotion, etc.

To this end, we solicit papers that speak, but are certainly not limited,
to the following themes:

1. Cinema as a counter narrative to neo-liberal narrative construction
2. South Asian digital media and democratizing of representation
3. Gender, nation, violence and the media
4. State-sponsored media and ‘nation’ formation
5. Oppositional cinema as a tool for resistance and social mobilization
6. Mumbai terror films / India’s new middle cinema
7. New ‘third cinema’ in South Asia
8. Mainstream Bollywood and representation of political violence
9. Decolonization, nationalisms, linguistic and/ or religious differences:
Re-Thinking Post-colonial literary representations of violence and domestic
10. Caste, class, and prejudice: ideological and physical violence in South
Asian fictions
11. State torture and representation in fiction
12. Internal and external civil strife: negotiating articulations of gender
and sexuality in the literatures of South Asia
13. Divisions of territory and the self: representations of partition in
South Asian fiction and film
14. Violence at ‘home: re-thinking belonging and strife in cultural texts
of the South Asian diaspora
15. Race and space: literary configurations of identity and conflicts in place.
16. Terrorism and suicide bombings: representations of violence and
self-sacrifice in south Asian film, fiction and media.
17. Replacing the “Hindi” in “Indian (film):" Kollywood's growing
international presence and its conflicting articulation of Indian national
18. Navigating the Palk straight: Kollywood, the Tamil diaspora and the
sexual politics of dispossession.

Please send abstracts (250 â€" 300 words) and a brief biographical note (2-3
sentences) to Amy Peloff, Assistant Director, Comparative History of Ideas,
at the following address:

Accepted proposals will be announced in about 30 days. The conference
committee will organize the abstracts in panels of three papers each.
Participants will be allowed to speak for a maximum of 20 minutes each.
This will be followed by an hour-long joint panel discussion. For more
information on the Comparative History of Ideas Program at the University
of Washington and/ or The James Clowes Center for Conflict and Dialogue,
please see:

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