CFP: Victorians in Motion (5/8/07; VISAWUS, 10/25/07-10/27/07)

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George Mariz
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The Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western
United States (VISAWUS) announces its twelfth annual conference:

DATES: Oct. 25-27, 2007

PLACE: Boulder, CO

The focus of this year's conference is "Victorians in Motion."
Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

* Means of transportation-ships, ferries, boats, trains,
carriages, chairs, horses, mules, oxen=20
* Travel guides and precedents: Cook's Tours, the grand tour and
its variants, tourist destinations, tourism v. travel, travel off the
beaten path=20
* Technologies of motion: steam, etc.
* Scope of motion: travel and gender, race, class, ethnicity,
nationality; first, second, and third class divisions in travel;
traveling with servants, children, pets, strangers, foreigners=20
* Motivated mobility: pilgrimage, exploration, geographical or
archeological survey, honeymoon, exile, migration, immigration, and
* Urban mobility: men/women about town, the flaneur/flaneus
* Facilitating mobility: travel paraphernalia, boxes, gear, kit,
furniture, equipment, books
* In transit activities: railway reading/railway bookstores
* Travel and comfort food, accommodations, forms of hospitality
* Travel and discomfort, motion sickness, illness, isolation,
homesickness, danger
* Vicarious motion: moving panoramas and other technologies that
simulated travel
* Imagining mobility: extraordinary travels in genres of
adventure, fantasy, science fiction=20
* Representing mobility: travel journals, letters, memoirs,
photography, painting, drawing, sketching, lectures, promotional posters
and ads
* Mobility's trace: home d=E9cor as exotic referent, souvenirs,
* Collective mobilizing: armies, mobs, nomads, refugees,
* Sciences of motion: astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology,
botany, zoology, thermodynamics, electromagnetism
* Environmental motions: gravitation, tides, air currents, wind,
weather, water currents, fire, volcanic eruptions, floods, blizzards,
landslides, earthquakes, hurricanes
* Speed-visceral sensations, fear, excitement, exhilaration,
* Performative motions: dance, theater, the circus, pantomime,
acting styles, elocution and gesture, body language, tableau vivant,
sports, exercise, games, play
* Laborious motion: manual labor, housework, farming, factory
work, needle-work, mining
* Mechanized motion: time-saving devices, perpetual motion
machines, telegraph, postal service, prostheses, factory machinery
* Historical movements: concepts of historical and contemporary
change, development, trends, progress, evolution, revolution,
instability, regress, degeneration, deterioration, decay
* "Just going through the motions," "setting in motion," "making
a motion," "involuntary motions," "on the move," "false moves," "as the
spirit moves," "upward mobility"
* Stasis, stability, balance, paralysis, inertia, lethargy,
ennui, sleep, coma, death=20
* Captivity, bondage, slavery, escape, emancipation
* Circulation (blood, libraries, money, periodicals, traffic,
* Cycles (seasons, life, menstruation, reproductive, business)
* Systems (economic, social, digestive, nervous, political,
* Spiritual motions: conversion, repentance, backsliding,
evangelizing, missionary work, table rapping, levitation, channeling,
transmigration of souls
* Bodily motions: conscious or unconscious (mesmerism,
hypnotism, sleep walking); as objects of discipline, regimentation,
training, policing, surveillance =20
* The architecture of motion: conceptions, construction, uses of
train stations, gyms, theaters, etc.
* Clothing as restricting or enhancing ease of movement

We invite proposals for 20 minute papers or full panels (three papers)
addressing any aspect of the theme topic, including discussions in both
Victorian and contemporary contexts. We favor proposals that take an
interdisciplinary approach or center on issues that may be addressed by
more than one discipline. The deadline for proposals is 8 May 2007.
Paper proposals, a maximum of the equivalent of two double-spaced pages,
should be emailed to: Genie Babb at University of Alaska Anchorage, <> .

Conference fee, accommodations, and keynote speaker to be announced.
Check our website at for updates and further

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