CFP: Asian Experience in the Caribbean (6/15/07; 11/1/07-11/3/07)

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Nadia Johnson
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The Asian Experience in the Caribbean and the Guyanas:
  Labor, Migration, Literature, and Culture
  A Caribbean Literary Studies Conference
  University of Miami
  Coral Gables, Florida
  November 1-3, 2007
  Discourses of labor, migration, and culture in the Caribbean have been grounded historically in the rhetoric of slavery and African cultural retentions. However, the coerced migration of South Asians and East Asians to the New World for the purposes of labor is also entrenched in histories of colonialism, nationalism, and culture in the Caribbean as well as the rest of the Americas. "The Asian Experience in the Caribbean and the Guyanas: Labor, Migration, Literature and Culture" envisions a cross-cultural interdisciplinary dialogue that seeks to reconfigure or shift the geographic triangle composed of Europe, Africa, and the Americas, based on a history of slavery and colonization, to include Asia, the Caribbean, and North America as a way of forging new paradigms for discussing the roles and contributions of Asians in the Caribbean. We invite scholarship in the related fields of Gender Studies, Geography, History, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Communications, as
 well as in literary culture. We also welcome scholarship that addresses current trends in migration propelled by an ever increasing global market and the manner in which these patterns continue to shape Caribbean Cultures.
  Suggested topics for individual papers, panel proposals and/or Roundtable Sessions:
  · Asian-Caribbean Migrations and Diasporas
  · Migration Narratives and Oral histories
  · Diasporic Dislocations and the Production of Home and Identity
  · Asian Immigrants: Politics and Labor in the Caribbean
  · Discourses of difference in the formation of "Asian-Caribbean" identities
  · Stereotypes and Exotification in Caribbean Literature and popular culture
  · Indo-Caribbean Literature, Art, and Cultural Practice
  · Chinese Caribbean Literature, Art, and Cultural Practice
  · Hybridity and Discourses of Mixed Race
  · Gender and Sexuality
  · Religious syncretism and experimentation
  · Central American Connections
  · Jamaica and Japan: Dancehall Connections
  · Javanese experience in Suriname
  · Asian Cultural Associations in the Caribbean
  Submissions: Participants are invited to submit abstracts of 250 to 300 words for individual paper or panel proposals and/or the Roundtable Sessions. The deadline for abstracts is June 15, 2007. Applications should be submitted online and can be found at the Caribbean Literary Studies website at Please send inquiries to Nadia Johnson at Papers in Spanish, French, and Dutch will be accepted, however the presenter is required to provide an English translation ahead of time so that the paper may be copied and distributed to those in the audience who are not proficient in these languages. A selection of papers presented at the conference will be published in a special issue of Anthurium in Spring 2008.
  For more information and updates, please visit the Caribbean Literary Studies Website at

Nadia Indra Johnson
  Caribbean Literary Studies
  Research Assistant
  Univ. of Miami
  Coral Gables, Fl 33124-4632
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