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Monika Elbert

There is a a special issue of _The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review_ planned on
Hawthorne's children's literature and on his fiction which includes
children as protagonists or his non-fiction which refers to children.
Topics of interest may include the following (but the list is not meant to
be exhaustive):

    * the politics of Hawthorne's children's literature
    * theories of pedagogy and/or child-rearing
    * Hawthorne and Sophia as parents
    * reception of Hawthorne's children's stories
    * relationship of Hawthorne's children's fiction to his adult fiction
    * children at play, children at war; tolerant/intolerant children
    * the imagination vs. didacticism (and theories of the romance)
    * the children's world as a mirror of adult issues about ethics,
global or domestic politics, economics, religion, exploration, or recreation
    * Hawthorne's children's literature as a vehicle of social
critique/social protest
    * childlike adults (i.e., Dimmesdale, Clifford, Donatello)
    * idea vs. real children
    * influence of Transcendentalism on Hawthorne's concept of the child
    * Hawthorne Sr. vs Julian Hawthorne's ideas about the child's imagination
    * Hawthorne and other authors of children's literature (Hawthorne's
appropriation of myths/legends, and/or other authors' appropriation of
Hawthorne's child protagonists or children's literature)
    * children at risk (disenfranchised children, outcast children,
poverty-stricken children, orphans)
    * children and the state of the union
    * children in/and history
    * history of illustrations in Hawthorne's children's literature
    * gender roles in the children's stories (adherence to, or subversion
of conventional roles)

Completed essays of 5,000-6,000 words due by 15 February 2009 to Monika
Elbert, Incoming Editor of _NHR_,
Queries and proposals along the way are most welcome. Proposals from
interested contributors would be appreciated by December, 2008.

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