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2006 Film and History League Conference: "The Documentary Tradition"

8-12 November, 2006

Dolce Conference Center

Dallas, TX

AREA: Robert J. Flaherty

Traditionally considered to be documentary cinema=92s defining text,

Robert J. Flaherty=92s Nanook of the North (1922) has both an iconic and

problematic status in contemporary studies of non-fiction film.

Flaherty himself has been a figure similarly revered and reviled in

equal measure for his genre-defying mixture of observational

documentation and romantic reconstruction. As a flashpoint for debates

about documentary film ethics and ethnographic representation, as well

as a key figure in any consideration of the polymorphous category of

non-fiction film, Flaherty remains as significant a figure to

documentary studies as he was to the historical development of the

form. We are inviting submissions on all aspects of the work of Robert

Flaherty. Possible topoi include, but are not limited to:

=97Flaherty and Anthropological/Ethnographic Display.

=97The Ipsographic Imagination: Flaherty=92s Films of British, Irish and

American Industry, Agriculture and Labor

=97Territorializing the Real: Geography and Authenticity

=97Global Receptions and Revisions of Nanook

=97Hybrid Visions: Intersections of Fiction and Non-Fiction in the work

of Flaherty and His Collaborators

=97Between Commerce and Art: Flaherty and Material Culture

=97Resistant Vision: Flaherty in the Era of Synchronized Sound

=97Watching Flaherty through the =93Third Eye=94: Nanook, Moana and =

Boy in the Postcolonial Frame.

=97Flaherty and Grierson: Developing the Documentary Form.

=97Constructing Paradise: Moana, Tabu and White Shadows of the South =

=97Observing from the Margins: Frances Flaherty as (Nearly) Silent =

=97Gender and Sexuality in Moana and Nanook

=97Romance and Destitution in America: The Land and Louisiana Story

=97Flaherty and Propaganda: =93Prelude to War=94

=97Considerations of Flaherty=92s non-directorial achievements (Flaherty =

cinematographer, screenwriter, editor and producer).

The Film and History League conference details, including a list of

other areas to be represented at the conference, can be found at


Send all inquiries and proposals (email submissions preferred; please

be sure documents are MS Word-compatible) by August 15, 2006 to:

Dr. Jared F. Green

Stonehill College

320 Washington Street

Easton, MA 02357

Phone: 508/565-1711

Email: jgreen_at_stonehill.edu

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