CFP: Angela Carter and Love (11/30/06; collection)

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Yong Wern Mei
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Papers are invited for a collection of essays on the theme/notion of =
love in (relation to) the work of Angela =


Different kinds of love manifest themselves alongside Carter's =
preoccupation with other major themes. Romantic love; familial love; =
heterosexual/homosexual love; love for one's self; love as freedom and =
love as transcendence and transgression; these are but a few of love's =
manifestations and transformations addressed in/through Carter's work. =
This collection is interested in addressing issues of form as well as =
context/content (Carter's preoccupation with myth, language, and the =
fairytale form, journalism and essay writing; and the ways love is =
addressed through them) and to engage with love as a theoretical and =
political space in contemporary theory, a space where political action =
can take place.=20


Proposals may be interdisciplinary in nature and comparative work is =
welcome. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A =95 love as =

=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A =95 love as a discourse of alterity

=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A =95 different forms of love (romantic, =
familial, etc)

=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A =95 love in relation to 'other' =
discourses (Queer theory, Postcolonialism, etc)

=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A =95 love as an/other

=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A =95 love and sexuality

=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A=9A =95 love in relation to =

=95 Feminist theory and politics and their engagement with the notion of =
love; feminist, or other, representations of love

=95 reinventions/re-imaginings of love within/outside/beyond patriarchal =
structures, cultures, and societies=20

=95 fairytale love and/or love and the fairytale form

=95 the myth/s of love

=95 love, language, symbolism; the semiotics of love=20


Please send proposals (300 words) by 30th November 2006 to =
and . Final essays should be 4,000-6,000 words =
and will=20
be due 30th April 2007.=20

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