CFP: The Experience of War in the Space Between, 1914-45 (12/15/06; 6/7/07-6/10/07)

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Brassard, Genevieve
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Submissions are invited for the 9th annual conference of The Space =
Between Society: Literature and Culture, 1914-1945, in Annapolis, =
Maryland, 7-10 June 2007.

Keynote speaker: Michael Saler, Department of History, University of =
California, Davis
This interdisciplinary conference aims to explore the cultural contexts, =
manifestations, representations, and effects of war, as a four-decade =
state of combat, mobilization, upheaval, dislocation, anxiety, =
devastation, and unquiet aftermath between 1914 and 1945. The =
experience of war generated creativity and innovation as much as it did =
destruction and reactionary responses. Some vital questions might be =
addressed: =20
-- How has historical interpretation of the period 1914-1945 affected =
how we
   conceive of the period, especially imagining intersections between
   historiography and cultural production in all forms? =20
--Did war foster or inhibit Modernism(s)?=20
--Did specifically classed or gendered experiences of war empower =
   production? =20
--How was popular culture influenced by the experience of war? =20
--How did war fought in colonies affect metropolitan cultural =
--How politically-engaged, or apolitical, or subversive were the =
   "isms" or artists and writers of the interwar years?
--Are there connections between art, war propaganda, and the rise of =
--How was the rationalization and systematization of violence reflected =
in art? =20
The Space Between Society welcomes papers that engage with any aspect of =
the relationship between war and culture in the years between 1914-45. =
We are eager to explore the multitude of ways the experience of war was =
reflected and represented in the lives and works of policy makers, =
writers, artists, musicians, architects, advertisers, dancers, =
filmmakers, educators, philosophers.
Please send 300-word abstracts by December 15, 2006 to David Boxwell =
The Space Between is a society dedicated to the study of literature and =
culture between the wars, providing an interdisciplinary forum for =
discussion and research on overlooked texts, understudied authors, and =
new approaches to traditionally canonical texts. It also encourages =
fresh examination of art, society, and culture illuminating the war and =
interwar period. For information about our journal and membership in =
The Space Between Society, please visit our website: = <> .

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