CFP: Imagination: Public or Private? (2/12/07; 5/17/07-5/18/07)

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Verena V. Kuzmany

CFP: Imagination: Public or Private? (2/12/07; 5/17/07 - 5/18/07)

University of Washington Graduate Conference for Interdisciplinary Studies/
in conjunction with an interdisciplinary faculty conference "Inventions of the Imagination: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Imaginary since Romanticism"

May 17-18, 2007
Keynote Speaker: David Clark (English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University)

While the concept of imagination is typically conceived of in relation to individual endeavor, it is simultaneously invoked in a variety of contexts which extend beyond the individual. As a creative force, imagination has been integral in understanding broadly ranging phenomena within not just a private space of invention and production but also a public realm. By exploring representations of human imagination, this conference proposes to examine manifestations of both the private imagination as well as its function within a variety of public milieus. Of particular interest will be the investigation of the sources and forums of the imagined as well as discussions of the cross pollination, convergence and conflict of its private and public elements. How can thinking about the role of the imagination in the production of the public and private enable us to reconsider their boundaries?

The graduate students of the University of Washington welcome papers on "Imagination: Public or Private?" from all disciplines. Given the interdisciplinary platform of this conference, candidates are also encouraged to consider how their work can be situated within a wider academic discourse.

Proposed Panels:
--Urban Space and Cityscapes
--Text: Publication and Dissemination
--Exhibition, Spectacle and Themed Environments
--Image and Film
--Archives, Documentation and Collections
--Locality, Nationality and Globality
--Journals, Diaries and Travelogues
--Virtual Realities

We are happy to announce that this year's event will be held in coordination with the international faculty conference "Inventions of the Imagination: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Imaginary since Romanticism" which will be held at the University of Washington from 5/18-5/20, 2007. We encourage participants to attend panels and lectures of distinguished scholars invited to present their research. More information concerning this event can be found at

Papers will be allotted 20 minutes (8-10 pages MLA). Abstracts (250 words) should include full name, paper title, institutional affiliation and indication of preferred panel. Submission deadline is 2/12/2007. Abstracts should be sent to For more information regarding the conference and our speaker, please visit our website at:

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