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Pascale Amiot
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        The editorial board of Etudes Irlandaises is now seeking
submissions for volume 32.2 to be published in Autumn 2007.


Over the past decade, Ireland has been significantly transformed by
social, economic and cultural developments. This upcoming issue of
Etudes Irlandaises will attempt to define, analyse and evaluate these
changes from a resolutely contemporary perspective, focusing on the
men, women and children who are the actors and products of these
changes and who embody them - or distinguish themselves from them -
in their perceptions and representations.

Suggested topics might include but are not limited to :

The new generation: "The Pope's Children" and the "Hi Cos" (Hibernian
A new generation in Northern Ireland and the legacy of the conflict;
New migrants to Ireland;
Branding a new Irish identity (adaptation and crisis,
majority/minorities, towards an Irish brand of multiculturalism?...);
Ireland and globalisation;
Changing values;
Questioning and theorising the New Ireland: postmodernity and
postnationalism, consumption, abundance and property, resistance to
change and reaffirmation of traditions, new or persistent social and
political issues;
Representing the New Irish: representational strategies in
contemporary visual arts, literature and the media;
New trends in Irish art, architecture and urban design;
Utopias and dystopias: nostalgia for a vanishing Ireland, old and
new landscapes, public and private space, museums and memory;
The politics of remembrance: coming to terms with Ireland's artistic,
literary and historical heritage:
- Recycling: material culture and kitsch,
- Representing Ireland abroad,
- Representing the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland;
New Irish readers: contemporary children's literature and
representations of children in contemporary Irish writing.

Articles in English or French should be no more than 12 pages (7000
words or 36000 signs) in length.
Submissions (one electronic version via the net and 3 paper versions)
should be sent to Karin Fischer (history, politics and society) or to
Anne Goarzin (literature, arts and society) by 31 March 2007 :
Anne Goarzin, 7 rue Mathurin Méheut, 35740 Pacé, FRANCE
Karin Fischer, 48 Quai Jeanne d'Arc, 45130 Meung-sur-Loire, FRANCE

Etudes Irlandaises is a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles in
English and French which explore all aspects of Irish literature,
history, culture and arts from ancient times to the present. Etudes
Irlandaises publishes twice a year on a wide range of
interdisciplinary subjects including : poetry / fiction / drama /
film / music / politics / economy / social studies, etc. General
issues published in Spring alternate with special issues in Autumn.
The Journal is aimed at scholars, postgraduate students, institutions
specializing in Irish studies as well as people who have an informed
interest in the subject.

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