UPDATE: Heroes and Hero(in)es (grad) (2/5/06; 4/6/07-4/7/07)

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Acacia Conference

The 15th Annual Acacia Conference at California State University, Fullerton
CFP: Hero(in)es and Anti- Hero(in)es

We are seeking panels to address the myriad definitions of ethics and
how it is represented in literature and other texts. Some possible
issues to address are the ethical dilemmas of hero(in)es, what makes a
hero(ine), the changes in how hero(in)es are perceived today verses
past years, the attraction to certain heroic and anti-heroic types,
and connections between contemporary hero(in)es and/or anti-hero(in)es
and those of the past. Some topics to consider are:

-hero(in)es in literature
-hero(in)es in film
-hero(in)es in popular culture
-how hero(in)es are depicted in art
-hero(in)es and the fan community
-hero(in)es and gender
-hero(in)es and sexuality
-hero(in)es in different cultures
-hero(in)es and history
-hero(in)es on stage
-authors and their hero(in)es
-hero(in)es and nationalism
-hero(in)es and ethics

We also welcome creative writing on these topics.

Please send proposals of 250-500 words to HYPERLINK
"mailto:acaciagroup_at_gmail.com" acaciagroup_at_gmail.com by January 31.
We welcome panel proposals as well as individual topic proposals and
poster sessions. Poster sessions are well-suited for topics that might
lend themselves to more visual presentations or more involved
discussion with a smaller audience, and more information about them
can be found here: HYPERLINK
Papers and panels that focus on other topics are also welcome.

Conference sponsored by The Acacia Group, the graduate student organization
of the CSUF English and Comparative Literature Department.

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         or write Jennifer Higginbotham: higginbj_at_english.upenn.edu
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