CFP: [Cultural-Historical] (AAA) Doomsdays and Capitalist Promised Lands (3/28; 11/19-23)

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Pilar Rau
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Doomsdays and Capitalist Promised Lands: Evangelical Eschatologies in the
Global South
107th Annual Meeting, American Anthropological Association
Inclusion, Collaboration & Engagement
San Francisco, CA, Nov 19â€"23, 2008

Beliefs about Apocalypses and utopias are an important facet of Christian
ideological frameworks; in the here-and-now, new evangelical Christians in
the Global South also often make radical breaks with pre-existing forms of
social relations. It has been widely noted that traditional kinship, gender
and generational hierarchies, and political and economic relations are
challenged and restructured by Christian beliefs and practices, enabling
new Christians to modernize and capitalize. The practices and beliefs
associated with prosperity gospels, sacrifices, austerity, abrogating
social ties with non-believers, transform the social structure of religious
communities. But what does capitalism have to do with heaven the end of
the world? What are the relationships between capitalist relations,
imagined religious communities, and their imagined futures? How and why do
practices intended to prepare believers for their end often reinforce the
spread of capitalist relations in the mundane world while at other times
isolating believers from those very relations? This panel examines the
dialectical relationship between transformations in social practices and
eschatological beliefs about radical transformations in specific cases
among Evangelical Christians in the Global South.

Please submit a 250-word abstract for 15-minute presentation to Pilar Rau by Friday, March 28, 2008.

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