UPDATE: Narratives of 9/11: The Arab World and its Diasporas (3/18/07; MLA '07)

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Nouri Gana
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Narratives of 9/11: The Arab World and its Diasporas

Beyond the widely circulated pictures of jubilant kids dancing to the=20
=93terrible beauty=94 (to use a terribly memorable phrase from W.B. Yeats=
=93Easter, 1916=94) of commercial planes diving into the Twin Towers, wha=
do we know about the Arab peoples=92 reactions to 9/11? How have Arab=20
public intellectuals, (diasporic) writers, artists, filmmakers, media=20
and iconic cultural figures responded to 9/11 and to the ongoing war on=20
terror? Has there been a coherent Arab intellectual response to 9/11 and=20
its repercussions? Has that response been heard and reckoned with by=20
audiences across the globe? More specifically, what are the broad=20
strokes of such a response, if there is one, and what are its particular=20
impulses and nuanced engagements?

Paper proposals that explore any of the above questions as well as any=20
other aspect of the still unfolding artistic and creative responses to=20
9/11 by Arab litt=E9rateurs and aesthetes (and others under other=20
capacities) across the world are invited. Selected proposals will be=20
submitted as part of a proposal for a Special Session at the MLA's 123rd=20
Annual Convention (Chicago, 27-30 Dec. 2007).

Please send a 500-word abstract, a short bio and an updated CV by March=20
18 to Nouri Gana (ganouri_at_umd.umich.edu)

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