CFP: John Buchan Revisioned (6/30/07; collection)

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Kate Macdonald
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John Buchan Revisioned: Beyond The Thirty-Nine Steps

A collection of essays re-examining the work and writing of John Buchan =
(1875-1940), later Lord Tweedsmuir, in the context of post-1950 =
appraisals of his work.=20

Timed to appear as Buchan's works come out of copyright in the UK, this =
collection is aimed at students of late nineteenth- to early =
twentieth-century literature and history, and at the general reader. The =
essays will re-evaluate Buchan's work in a post-post-modernist context. =
Jargon will be kept to a minimum.

The book will be edited by Kate Macdonald, the editor of the John Buchan =
Journal since 1997 and a member of the Department of English at the =
University of Ghent, Belgium. Contributors will include members of =
university departments and independent researchers.=20

Nine chapter proposals have already been accepted which look at Buchan's =
work from the perspective of history and film. I am now looking for =
proposals from the point of view of literature rather than history. I am =
particularly interested in approaches which attempt to resuspend =
disbelief while considering Buchan's depiction of women and men, =
homoerotic identity in Buchan's fiction, anti-Semitism in his fiction =
and life, Calvinism, hero-worship, and the blending of fact and fantasy =
in his fiction. Other literature-generated subjects are also welcome.=20

Please send abstracts (500 words) for proposed 5,000-7,000 word =
chapters, by 30 June 2007, to Once abstracts =
have been accepted a firm proposal will be sent to publishers for =
consideration. It is hoped that an agreement will be signed and chapters =
commissioned by December 2007, for manuscript delivery by May 2008, with =
a potential publication date in late 2009.

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