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Sandra Sokowski
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Call for Papers


Title: Textuality and Terror


How may we define this broad term, "terror", beyond the direct =
experience of extreme fear? As a term in itself, how has it evolved to =
contemporary usage, and what are its limits? Is it best defined =
dialectically in relation to a nation or element of authority? Or is it =
characterized by a lack of apparent structure, which threatens the =
possibility of structuration itself? What is the relation of terror to =
political order, or does it necessarily have to be related? How can =
terror change the significance of a place (i.e. "ground zero" and Iraq) =
and what are the implications of this change? =20


How can terror, as the violent creation of ruptures or semantic =
decentering, relate to the study of literature? Can terror exist within =
a text, or does it deny the systematization necessary for coherent =
meaning? How might writing, or aesthetic production, create terror? =
Likewise, how might a text be terrorized (through subversive reading, =
recontextualization, decentering, editing, or censure)? How might a =
certain text (or any form of aesthetic production) terrorize a literary =
canon, institution, or power structure? =20


Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):
--representations of terror in literature
--cinema and terror
--terror as a discursive phenomenon
--the relationship of terror to power

--terror and memory=20


Exit 9 welcomes essays that explore the concept of terror through =
literature, visual, or performance arts, from various theoretical =
perspectives: Formalist, Marxist, Trauma Studies, Neo-Colonialist, =
Gender Studies, Queer Theory and others. =20


Please send all submissions to:

Exit 9: The Rutgers Journal of Comparative Literature

Program in Comparative Literature

Rutgers University

195 College Avenue

New Brunswick, NJ 08901


All submissions should follow MLA format. Please include with the =

- a current CV

- brief bio (250 words)


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