UPDATE: Publishing Peace at the Midwest Modern Language Association (3/20/07; M/MLA, 11/8/07-11/11/07)

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Papers are invited for the following special session of the 49th Annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association, to be held 8-11 November 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Publishing Peace

>From the print writings of George Fox and other early Quakers about the peace testimony and documents written by political figures like Martin Luther King, Jr., to the recorded words of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan and the cinematic work of documentarians like Michael Moore, peace literature has been--and continues to beâ€"an emergent and adaptable mode, often taking on new shapes and forms to accommodate new varieties of conflict and to articulate visions of peace that change according to time, place, and ideology.

This panel invites submissions that address the varied ways that literatures can and have disseminated ideals, theories, and practices of peace, or that respond to rhetorics and realities of war and peace in innovative ways. We encourage papers that address this topic from a wide range of vantage points, especially insofar as they invite the consideration of continuities and change in a large historical model. Particularly welcome are papers that address intersections between issues of gender or globalization and literatures of peace, as are papers that isolate emergent modes of literature such as blogs. We are also interested in papers about artists/authors who are not typically associated with peace movements but whose work is impacted by the politics of peace.

Send abstracts (200-500 words) by 20 March to: Emily Smith, Lawrence University, emily.smith_at_lawrence.edu and Martyn Smith, Lawrence University, martyn.smith_at_lawrence.edu.

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