CFP: Executions in 20th/21st-Century American Literature (no deadline noted; M/MLA, 11/8/07-11/11/07)

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Kathleen Ryan
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Midwest Modern Language Association 2007
Katy Ryan, Assistant Professor, English WVU=20

Executions in 20th/21st-Century American Literature=20

What is the history of the death penalty in 20th/21st-c. American century =
How might we characterize literary productions that represent, examine, or =
allude to the=20
practice of state killing: as abolitionist, proletarian, sensationalist, =
documentary? In what contexts have writers and artists approached the =
death penalty, and what political, social, or educational impacts have =
their works had? Particularly welcome are papers focused on the literature =
of the 1930s, the history of lynching, prison writing, activist movements, =
documentary film, individual writers, women and prison, and performances. =
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