CFP: Essays on the Cultural Legacy of Jim Henson's Muppets (6/15/07; collection)

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Anissa Graham
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Kermit Culture: Perspectives on Jim Henson's Muppets

Anissa M. Graham and Jennifer C. Garlen seek contributors for a collection
of essays considering Jim Henson's Muppets. All aspects of The Muppet Show
and other productions or performances featuring the Muppets may be
considered, although the editors particularly seek proposals for articles
focusing on the original Muppet Show cast of characters. Papers may consider
the various films featuring the Muppets, episodes of the original show,
Muppets Tonight, appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, particular characters
from these programs, their significance as cultural icons, etc. This
collection of essays will attempt to demonstrate the importance of The
Muppets' influence and appeal, as well as their importance to popular
culture studies as a whole.

Some potential subjects of interest include: consumption as recurring motif
on The Muppet Show; commentary on stagecraft; the significance of the
British-only sketches excluded from American broadcasts of The Muppet Show;
representations of science; gender issues, voyeurism, nationhood and the
representation of nationalism; literary adaptation in Muppet films; parody;
images of the monstrous and deformity.

Proposals should be 150-200 words in length. Please include contact
information with the proposal, including academic affiliation, if any.
Please title the subject line of the proposal "Kermit Culture" to ensure
speedy response, and include the proposal as the text of the email message
as well as in attachment form.


The editors hope to have complete articles ready for submission to
publishers by Fall 2007 and will be discussing the project with potential
publishers as soon as possible.

Prospective contributors may send proposals or complete articles to:

Anissa M. Graham, University of North Alabama,
Jennifer C. Garlen, University of Alabama-Huntsville,

(Please cc proposals to both editors!)

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