CFP: Modernism and Translation (4/30/07; 11/1/07-11/4/07

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Emily Wittman

Modernism and Translation: Geographies of Language

Call for Papers
CFP: Panel Proposal

Modernist Studies Association 9
November 1–4, 2007 Long Beach, CA
"English literature lives on translation, it is fed by translations, every new exuberance, every new heave is
stimulated by translations…"—Ezra Pound

This panel proceeds from the assumption that translation is essential to the development of a literary culture and
that the histories of Modernism are, in part, histories of translation. Papers are invited that explore the role that
translation played in the trajectories and geographies of English and American Modernism between 1900 and
1945. How did specific Modernist texts travel across national and linguistic borders? How was the course of
Modernism changed by translations into English? How did Modernist translators challenge traditional
requirements for translation, such as fluency in the source language and a scholarly background in the source
culture? What criteria established the "fidelity" of a translation?

Papers might address the following topics:

• Modernist translations of classical literature and their role in precipitating linguistic and cultural renewal.
• French translation and consecration of American and English writers.
• The translation theories, both explicit and implicit, of Modernist writers/translators.
• Modernist translation feats.
• Translation as homage.
• Translation and travel literature.
• Collaborative relationships between Modernist translators and the authors they translated.
• Modernist works that incorporate both translated and untranslated foreign-language passages (e.g. "The
Wasteland" and Ulysses).
• The role of translation in creating filiations between Surrealism, Dadaism and American and English Modernism.

Please send a 250-word abstract with contact information and a c.v. to by April 30,

Emily O. Wittman
Assistant Professor, Department of English
University of Alabama

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