CFP: Human Rights issue of Comparative Literature Studies (2/15/08; journal issue)

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Joseph Slaughter
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CFP Special issue of Comparative Literature Studies
Literary Forms and Human Rights

Guest Editors: Sophia A. McClennen and Joseph R. Slaughter
"Literary Forms and Human Rights": This thematic issue of Comparative =20=

Literature Studies < > guest edited by =20
Sophia A. McClennen <> and Joseph R. Slaughter =20
<> explores the relationship between literary =20
forms and human rights. The editors seek essays that offer =20
comparative perspectives on how human rights discourse and literary =20
forms are interrelated. Recent literary criticism has begun to =20
underscore some of the historical, formal, and ideological =20
intersections of human rights and the humanities. For this special =20
issue of Comparative Literature Studies, we seek innovative essays =20
that explore the relationships between forms of storytelling, =20
literary representation, cultural narratives, and human rights =20
(understood as law, discourse, and/or practice). Submissions are due =20
to the editors 15 February 2008. Issue to appear Fall 2008. Please =20
send inquiries, questions or comments at any time to either of the =20

Manuscript specifics: Articles should not exceed 9,000 words. All =20
manuscripts should follow the guidelines for scholarly writing set =20
forth in the Chicago Manual of Style, especially chapter two, =20
"Manuscript Preparation and Manuscript Editing," sections 2.1=962.46. =20=

In preparing notes, authors should use "endnote style"=97CLS does not =20=

use the "Works Cited" style. All quotes should be in both the =20
original language and in English translation, and for the sake of =20
readability we request that you use a 12-point font, double-spaced. =20
CLS does not publish discursive footnotes or general acknowledgement =20
footnotes. For the former, authors should either place the argument =20
in the text of the piece, or eliminate it. For more on CLS=92s style =20=

please see:

Joseph Slaughter
Associate Professor
Dept. of English and Comparative Literature
602 Philosophy Hall
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027


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