UPDATE: Herb Scott Tribute (4/24/07; AWP, 1/30/08-2/2/08)

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Lydia Melvin
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> Call for Papers: AWP Panel, Tribute of Herb Scott, poet, editor,
> teacher, mentor, friend
> This panel will be a tribute to visionary teacher, leader, organizer,
> editor,
> mentor, friend, & poet Herb Scott, founder and editor of New Issues
> Press,
> author of _Groceries_, _Disguises_, and _Sleeping Woman_,and professor
> at Western Michigan University. The panel will be 2-fold, 1-part essay/
> reflections on your personal intersection with Herb, and 1-part
> reading of Herb's
> poems. Your paper (in its final stage) should be no more than 5
> minutes long,
> and you will have 8 minutes to read poems of Herb Scotts that you have
> chosen.
> Interested parties should send a very brief abstract (about 100 words)
> that
> includes names of poems they're interested in reading, as well as a
> general
> description of the type of essay they'd like to deliver (i.e. personal
> reflection
> on Herb as an editor, critical reflection on Herb building New Issues
> press,
> reflection on Herb as teacher, reflection on Herb as mentor, as
> friend, etc.).
> Interested parties can reach me at mae_b_at_mac.com, & I need to have
> the responses in by 24 April 2007. I will inform everyone who has been
> selected to participate by 27 April 2007, and will have the proposal
> ready for
> review on 29 April 2007. To offer a balanced panel, I will chose one
> ex-student,
> one editor (either current or past of New Issues Press), one
> friend/colleague,
> one New Issues author (who could discuss their relationship with
> Herb-as-editor),
> and one (hopefully) editor of an independent press (who could offer
> some
> insight on building a press while maintaining one's identity as a
> poet). Please note, however, that this is all open to change, is > fluid.
> Metta Sama (mae_b_at_mac.com)
> Author, _South of Here_ (New Issues Press, 2005)

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