CFP: Third World in Science Fiction and Fantasy (7/31/07; collection)

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Hoagland, Ericka
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The Postcolonial Wondrous: Third World in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Editors: Ericka Hoagland and Reema Sarwal


Since the publication of Edward Said's influential book Orientalism =
(1978) and the seminal study The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice =
in Post-Colonial Literatures (1989) by Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffiths, =
and Helen Tiffin, Postcolonial Studies has emerged as one of the most =
productive and significant academic disciplines of the late twentieth =
and twenty-first centuries. The Western constructions of the =
East/Orient/Commonwealth/Third World, described with exotic flavours in =
mainstream fiction of the First World have generated considerable debate =
and at the same time, "New Literatures" from the rest of the world have =
been theorized and analyzed within the Postcolonial framework. Despite =
these lively debates, one area is largely untouched - that of Science =
Fiction and Fantasy literature and cinema which uses or is about the =
so-called Third World as the non-Western "Other." Yet, the concepts of =
empire-building, various forms of governance, colonization, and power =
and cultural relations between different species/races have been central =
to SF/F ever since the inception of these genres. Both in the quests of =
Fantasy and exploring space frontiers of Science Fiction, the dilemma of =
responding to encounters with the "Other" is resolved in various ways - =
ranging from the most retrogressive to the utopic.


This book aims to fill this lacuna in both postcolonial and science =
fiction and fantasy studies. We invite articles (3500-6000 words) that =
investigate SF/F literature and cinema of or about or using the third =
world and third world characters and the cultural and social =
formulations thus produced in various contexts.=20

The book is comprised of two main sections: the first dealing with =
representations of the third world in SF/F literature and cinema of the =
West, and the second exploring SF/F produced from the third world. =
Possible areas of research include (but are not limited to):

* the importance of SF/F in providing forums for examining third world =
* intersections of postcolonial theory and SF/F
* analyses of third world characters in Western SF/F (includes case =
* the imperialist tradition in Western SF/F - this may be with special =
reference to constructions of race, gender, class, sexuality, culture, =
and so on
* Western SF/F that confounds or avoids stereotypical representations of =
the third world
* SF/F that investigates issues specific to a particular third world =
* case studies of third world SF/F authors and filmmakers
* third world adaptations/variations/parodies of Western SF/F
* SF/F traditions in third world countries outside of the West (i.e., =
pieces that illustrate a history of SF/F outside of, and possibly =
predating, or concurrent with, the emergence of Western SF/F)
* exploration of issues such as technology, ecology, reproduction, =
social structures, political systems, etc. in SF/F produced in the third =
* representations of the West/first world in SF/F produced in the third =

Articles published recently in refereed journals dealing with the above =
issues are also welcome.


Please attach a short biographical note (100 words) mentioning your =
designation, university/institute, area of study, academic interests and =
relevant publications. Include contact information (your postal and =
preferred email address, phone and fax numbers).


Note: Since this is a non-grant/sponsored publication we are not going =
to remunerate the contributors for their articles. The editors will =
provide each contributor with a complimentary contributor's copy of the =


Important Points:

Deadline: 31 July 2007

Word Limit: 3500 to 6000 words (MS Word)

Style: MLA (with Works Cited)


Please feel free to send your queries and articles (MS Word File) =
through email to:

Ericka Hoagland -


Reema Sarwal -


About the Editors:


Ericka Hoagland is an Assistant Professor of English at Mercyhurst =
College in Pennsylvania. Along with science fiction and fantasy, her =
research interests include African literature, particularly African AIDS =
narratives, First Nations literature, and popular culture. She has =
published several encyclopedia pieces for Women in Science Fiction and =
Fantasy and the Encyclopedia of Native American Literature, and =
contributed to Gender and Literature in African Literature and Film.


Reema Sarwal is presently an Honorary Visiting Staff member at School of =
English, Communication and Performance Studies, Monash University, =
Australia. Her areas of interest include Contemporary Australian =
Literature, Popular Fiction, Translation Studies and African Literature =
on which she has published. She has co-edited Fact & Fiction: Readings =
in Australian Literature (in press) and is working on Reading Down =
Under: Australian Literary Studies Reader.

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