CFP: Fourth Annual Storytellers of the Americas Conference to honor the Life and Work of John C. Mohawk (11/1/07; 3/28/08-3/30/0

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CONFERENCE to honor the LIFE and WORK of JOHN C.

March 28-30th, 2008
State University of New York at Buffalo

The Fourth Annual Storytellers of the Americas
Conference will honor the life and work of John C.
Mohawk through storytelling and through academic
papers relating to the many and varied fields in which
Dr. Mohawk worked throughout his life.

John Mohawk told stories. Whether in a classroom, a
board meeting, or a deposition, John Mohawk told a
story to help his listeners see the shape of the issue
at hand.

John Mohawk laughed at his own stories, often at
unexpected moments. His infectious laughter helped
break down resistance to the difficulty of the fact
patterns he built up for his audiences.

• As a journalist for several decades, he told stories
of contemporary indigenous struggles that shaped
public understanding of Indian country.

• As a professor and lecturer, he easily moved through
the broad flow of world history as well as the details
of modernity, helping students connect their realities
to the larger stories.

• As a teacher, he led students to active discussions
about and further digging through history and culture
not for the self-indulgent collection of knowledge but
for practical application in their own projects.

• As a cultural spokesperson, he connected the dots
between indigenous technologies and knowledges; food,
farming, and nutrition; contemporary and historical
politics; and development and resistance projects
around the world.

• As a traditional storyteller, he participated in the
ceremonies of his own people, telling the ancient
stories that continue to shape worldviews.

• As a friend, he was more likely to tell a story
about a recent meal than anything else.

Are you a storyteller? As this is a Storytellers
Conference, we invite you to tell stories. Stories
will be told in a special session, wrapping up the
conference, on Sunday, March 30, 2008.

Are you a scholar? We also seek proposals for
academic papers related to John Mohawk, his life, and
work. Panels include but are not limited to:

• Iroquois White Corn Project, including issues of
slow food, contemporary cuisine, farming, and native

• Indigenous Stories within their own culture,
including creation stories, ceremonies, and histories.

• Environmental concerns, including historical climate
change, contemporary global warming, the effects on
indigenous peoples, and survival advice offered by
indigenous prophecies.

• Indigenous History, including government, law,
resistance, land rights, and development.

• Modernity and the West, including the European
projects of white supremacy, colonization, and
domination by the sword, by the pen, and by any means

The deadline for submission is November 1, 2007.
Presenters will be notified by January 20, 2008.

Send a one-page proposal of no more than 250 words for
a 15-20 minute presentation to:

Storytellers of Americas Conference Organizing
Committee c/o Nikki Dragone (;
and, Amber Adams (; and,
Ula Piasta (

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