CFP: Women Writing Men since 1900 (6/4/07; 20th-C., 2/21/08-2/23/08)

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Lydia Wilkes

Women Writing Men since 1900: Is There a Gender in This Text?
CFP: Proposed Panel for the 2008 Louisville Conference on Literature and
Culture since 1900 / Twentieth Century Lit. & Culture
February 21-23 - University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)

Helene Cixous encourages women to "write through their bodies" as a return
to embodiment purloined by male authors. But what happens when female
authors write differently sexed or gendered bodies? Do representations of
othered bodies conform to or challenge stereotypes? In short, what can we
learn from women who write (about) men? The concerns raised by this topic
originate from a broad range of discourses-queer theory, GLBT studies,
feminism, male/masculinity studies, gender studies, "gendered" authorship
and reading, to name some-and as such, submissions for this panel could
investigate such issues as:

-Female authors since 1900 who employ male narrators
-Female authors who write about maleness or masculinity
-Female authors who challenge masculine stereotypes
-Queer and/or GLBT representations of men and/or masculinity in
female-authored texts
-Black masculinity from the female writer's perspective
-Colonial/post-colonial masculinity
-Readings and misreadings of gender in a female-authored text
-The concept of gendered authorship
-The male body in authorship and/or female-authored texts
-The impact of women writing about men on feminist studies
-The female/male, feminine/masculine dichotomy

A wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches is encouraged.
However, papers which discuss specific authors or texts within the context
of this rather broad topic will be privileged. The only caveat, specified by
the conference, is that the work must have been written after 1900.

Please send 250-500 word abstracts to by Monday, June
4, 2007.

For more information on the 2008 Louisville Conference, please visit

Lydia Wilkes
Department of English
Indiana University

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